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Hello and welcome to Mirala Health, thank you for visiting our Health Coaching page, we are grateful for the opportunity to help you find out more about how you can improve your health holistically,  please read on to discover what we can can offer you.

We are a health recovery coaching service that offers health and wellness coaching and programmes specialising in illness and injury recovery; helping you to develop and maintain the mind-set  to improve your health and  wellbeing and therefore benefit you in all areas of your life.

Our services include coaching and programmes for overcoming health challenges such as fatigue, anxiety/ phobias and low mood as well as coaching for the mind-set to achieve your health and fitness ambitions. Coaching programmes with Mirala Health takes you from feeling  limited  by  poor health, fears and limiting beliefs, to feeling free and being at the best so you are then able to achieve all of your life goals.

 Mirala Health  was developed by Miranda Adams who from both personal and professional experience has developed a unique combination of methods that are highly effective for long term health- improvement and achievement. This method of coaching and programmes are based specifically on overcoming barriers to achieving your optimum health and wellness and uses a combination of Health and Health Recovery coaching, NLP methodology, as well as Exercise and Diet programmes where required.

Any barriers that are experienced towards health goals are most often held within our minds. Without the help and tools to overcome these barriers  it can be difficult to achieve your health goals and it may feel like a constant or repetitive struggle to do so.

Mirala Health is here to help you overcome this so that you can not only achieve your goals for optimum health but you can also go forward and have plenty of powerful tools to be more effective and happy in all areas of your life.

When your health improves, your whole life improves.

To discover for yourself what is really possible for your own health improvement why not book in for your free no obligation consultation via the form below.

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Choosing health coaching with Mirala Health will ensure you get the best results for your overall health and wellbeing . Achieving your health goals will now feel easy and joyous as opposed to the struggle it may have been before. Offering you all the tools you need and most importantly the mind-set to achieve it for both now and the future

Choose to be at your best and achieve your goals for optimum health today.

 Transform your life and health with Mirala Health.


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