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Having worked in the area field of health and wellness for 12 years and with both an extensive background personally and professionally, Miranda brings a unique and very effective range of skills and tools to each client for their ultimate success in health.

Her professional skills and experience range from personal training, health recovery coaching (mind and body), NLP coaching, Nutritional planning and exercise referral (Health and exercise training for people with an illness or disability)

These methods and skills combined offer a formidable plan for success in health improvement and recovery, with a 100% success rate and satisfaction from all clients, Miranda offers you a guaranteed plan for your success in health. No matter what the obstacle may be she will help you overcome it.

Too add to the benefits, Miranda also has significant personal experience to, allowing for greater empathy, connection and understanding with each and every client. Growing up with a health condition as a child she was in a wheelchair until the age of 11 not being able to do any physical activities other than swimming , she managed to overcome these limitation to not only walk freely but to become a fitness instructor and black belt in karate by the age of 22. In addition to this Miranda also overcame a severe anxiety condition which suffered with throughout her teens and early adulthood. Exercise and martial arts played a huge part in the overcoming of this.

Realising how important and valuable health and wellness is Miranda is extremely passionate about helping others to overcome their own health challenges. With the tools and methods that offer guaranteed success and outstanding compassion and dedication to you, with Miranda you are always in the best hands for the outcome you wish to have.

Contact Miranda today to begin your journey to health success.



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