How to use your mind to improve your health


Your mind is one of the most powerful resources you have to improve your health, although we are often taught to focus purely on the physical; to exercise more, eat healthier and so on.

This is not to say the  physical elements are not of importance, but that our minds are in fact the greatest and most important tools that we have to begin and continue improving our health. With the power of our minds we can create, change and achieve anything we wish to. Our minds direct the functions of our bodies both consciously and subconsciously and all we need do is take control, to know we are the ones in charge and then apply the greatest tool that we have to our advantage.

The very thing that is often missed is the importance of our mind in improving our health and that we have to start here for the best results.

For example; if we do not believe we can overcome something what are the chances of us doing so?

Not very likely is the honest answer, sadly this is where so many start out when beginning a goal to achieve their best health and then soon give up when not meeting their set expectations.

So how do we cultivate a strong enough belief and ensure we are using our mind to the best of our ability to achieve our health goals?

time to believe

Here are a few top tips;

    1. Set yourself a goal that you know is possible in the short term – setting a short-term goal is a good way of building your belief system so to begin with focus on what you know you can achieve today and then the week and month. Before you know it you have then built to a larger goal and gained a new belief.
    2. Tell yourself it is possible – Whether we realise it or not we have for most of the time an ongoing internal dialogue. Are you are aware of what goes on with yours? One way of checking in is on how you are feeling? If you are feeling low then the chances are your internal dialogue is negative. If you’re feeling great then it’s likely positive. The great thing is that you are in complete control of this and in changing it for where you want to be. A great way to do this is through the use of affirmations.
    3. Visualise– Our bodies respond to what our minds perceive so when we focus within our own minds, our bodies will respond as if it were true. Visualise yourself being at your best and enjoying being healthy and do it so often that you will know it and believe it to be true.

These approaches are open to and subject to much scepticism but the best way to know as with anything is to apply it. Put it to the test and see the results for yourself.

If you'd like to find out more about mind -body health recovery coaching  please use the form below to book your free initial coaching session.

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5 reasons to love the gym

love the gym

Since the first day I ever stepped in a gym I instantly loved it,  I also know however that this is not a very common response. Because many of you may struggle to get motivated for the gym, today I wanted to share with you some aspects of the gym that can help turn you in to a gym lover too. I hope these can inspire an improvement in motivation for any of you who may need it.

For each gym lover their reasons may slightly differ, but I know for sure that  when enough positivity is connected to the gym it is possible that absolutely anyone can fall in love with it.

Here are my top five reasons to why;

  1. Feel Great - Many of the goals you set for yourself can take a while to achieve, but with this one you can achieve each and every session. Without doubt if you put some effort in even for only a half an hour you will feel far better for it and ultimately what we all want is to feel great.
  2. Make great connections - The gym can also be a great place to meet people and socialise, especially with likeminded people who are focused on achieving their health and fitness goals. Many gyms also have social activities and gatherings too.
  3. All you need in one place - From great machines, to classes, music and PT's, you have all you need within the gym to motivate you, no excuses. All you have to do is get there. :)
  4. A positive environment - A gym is overall a very positive environment, everyone there is working towards a goal and motivated towards improving themselves and their health. A really great place to be to lift yourself up whenever you need to.
  5. Time for you - We can often spend much of our time doing stuff for others and being there for others, whether at work or at home, so to take time for ourselves is very important. What better way to do this than to work on improving your health and fitness and feeling great for it? :)

These are just some of the many reasons to fall in love with the gym, please do share some of your own reasons too. Or likewise please share if and why you dislike the gym and I will personally offer you a solution that you can then apply.

If you enjoyed this blog please do share it so others can benefit from it too. Sharing is caring :) Thank you.

How to track fitness progress


Knowing how to track fitness progress is essential for making our fitness goals manageable and achievable. Many of you may already be following a health and fitness plan or exercising regularly but how can you be sure your making the right progress or are you measuring at all?

It is common to fall short on this, which means we can miss out on the vital changes we need to make or on knowing when to make them. Keeping track of our progress can be simple, it is also essential for staying motivated and progressing at the correct rate.

Without doing this a few things can happen; either we stay stuck where we are for a long time and become bored, or we not sure of our current levels so overdo it too quickly.

One of the easiest ways to ensure this doesn't happen and  you are progressing at the correct rate is to get your own trainer.

Other methods to adequately track progress are;

  • Keeping a workout plan; The gym always recommend these for good reason, so that we can track and record our progress each week, then we are able to see clear consistent progress. With a good trainer, your programme will also be updated regularly.
  • Keeping your own workout diary; This requires some personal health and fitness knowledge at a good enough level to know what it is you need to do. If you are at this level then keeping a workout diary can really help add motivation and momentum to your training once you see that you are consistently advancing and improving.
  • Fitness apps; There are also many fitness apps now available that are designed to help you record and track your progress.

If you are tracking your own progress, some important things to be aware of are;

  1. Don't overdo it - It's important to push beyond our comfort zone but when we don't know our limits or have a tendency to go too far, we can overdo it. Then we can end up setting ourselves back through either injuring ourselves or purely going too far. The best way forward is through gradual progress, always listen to your body.
  2. Know what your looking for- Know what your measuring and how your doing this i.e. by the distance you cover each week or by improvement in technique for your sport. There are many things you can measure by, which will all depend on your goal.
  3. Have a measuring system -  if you are planning your own workout, be sure to set yourself target points of where you expect to be by the end of each month, this way you can accurately track how much you need to adapt in order to reach your overall target
  4. Reward yourself - Be sure to reward yourself regularly when you do make progress. Celebrate in anyway you can - one that of course doesn't hamper all your hard earned progress :)

how to track fitness progress

If you find it difficult to measure your own progress or even knowing where to begin then I offer unique health and fitness programmes that will equip you with all the right methods to enable you to progress adequately and consistency.

In doing so you can then reach your overall goal at a good pace that maintains your motivation. By focusing on the most important steps and having the right methods to overcoming any previous barriers. Then achieving your health and fitness goals will not only become easier but also much more enjoyable.

To find out more about how you can make this happen, please send me a quick message below to arrange a free no-obligation chat where we can discuss your health goals and needs.

Thank you


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Finding Meaning and Purpose

meaning and purpose

Finding meaning and purpose is considered to be essential for our overall health and happiness and many great books have been written on this topic. Essentially if we do anything that lacks meaning and purpose to ourselves personally, we will be unfulfilled and subsequently become unhappy.

It is not always the activity that we are doing that is the challenge, but the meaning and purpose we're are giving to it. If it lacks enough meaning to us then we simply won't be motivated to do it or be fulfilled in doing so. Meaning and purpose is highly personal and unique to each individual as it is linked to our overall value system (in how important we rate certain areas of our life).

What this means is if we are doing tasks that don't rate highly on our value system and also lack much meaning or purpose to us, this will then make us feel like we 'have to do it.' Not a good recipe for motivation at all.

So can you  find more meaning and purpose in those activities you currently  do that are currently lacking in it?

In short the answer is yes you can. You can find more meaning and purpose in pretty much anything once you know what is most important to you and begin applying it to the necessary tasks you  need to do. Another easy way of achieving meaning and purpose is to of course fill your life with more of the things you already find personally fulfilling and meaningful.

Too often we unintentionally fill our lives with mundane activities that lack much meaning and purpose in order to just to fill time. Or it could be that within the various activities we do daily that we do not look for the meaning and purpose that can be found within them. Our focus can then be elsewhere and not in the actual moment,this is another unfortunate side-effect of having too many unfulfilling activities in our lives.We can become in a state of wanting, waiting for time to pass and not being in the here and now.

"Attention shapes the self and is in turn shaped by it." ~ Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi

Every moment we have is precious, but whenever we are waiting for time to pass we waste each precious moment we are in. So how can we find more meaning and purpose in our everyday lives? The following tips offer some guidance on how we can do this more effectively;

  1. Match the task to your values -Find out what your highest values are and match the tasks you do more often to these. Once you discover your most important values, you can define most tasks to fit these.
  2. The power of focus - when you are doing any activity, being aware of what you are focusing on is extremely important. If your focus is on a part of the activity that is meaningless to you then you will be far less likely to enjoy it than if you find something you enjoy about it and bring your focus on to this instead.
  3. Being in the moment - when we are focused too much on an end result (weight loss for example) we can miss out on all the joy of the moment, of the process you are  in. If you are focused on the end result this can seem too far away to have much immediate importance to you. When in this situation, ask yourself; what meaning can I gain from it now, or what is my  driving force? There's is a lot of meaning to find in just being present.
  4. Fill your time with more tasks you already find fulfilling - This seems  obvious but unfortunately so many of us don't do this. We spend time in jobs we don't like, in mindless tasks and maybe find  the time to do something we personally enjoy at the weekend. Make time for the things you enjoy.
  5. Set goals - The pure act of setting goals gives activities more meaning and purpose simply because you know why you are doing them and if set well they are track-able and manageable. Making activities  just challenging enough, but also achievable.

What if you could find a way to make every day and every activity more enjoyable , to fill each day with more meaning and purpose? Fortunately you can.

If you would like to find out more  about how you can bring more meaning and purpose in to everyday, particularly for your health goals, please contact me below to arrange your free initial coaching session.

Thank you,

Wishing you the all best in health and happiness,


"Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. One must have a reason to be happy." ~ Victor Frankl

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Just do it

Just do it

If we spend too long thinking about doing something it just gets so much harder doesn't it? We can spend so long trying to decide if something is right or to get it perfect, when really the only way we can know if something is right is to just do it, to just take that first step.

Once we begin we can start to build the belief and momentum and if it turns out not right, we then only learn and grow, so we have nothing to lose overall. This applies to most actions, whether it be in business, health and fitness, relationships or any other area. We may never get it exactly right and if we did there'd be no more learning to do and how boring might that be. :)

When we decide to take that first step, a new path then opens up before us and however scary it might be, it does also open up a whole new world of  possibility and adventures in life that we would not otherwise know.

Just one decision is all it takes to lead our lives in a direction that we may have always dreamed of and we then often find the belief and answers on the way. The journey is  always  where we learn, then once we've begun, if we decide it's not right we can always turn back. But how do we know until we begin?

If there's something in your life at the moment that you've been putting off but always wanted to do then I'd invite you today to just take that first step and go for it. Without thinking too much about it just list the first few baby steps you can take and then just do it. Once you take that first step you will build momentum and belief and anything you need to learn you will learn as you go.

We can never be completely ready and experience always shows us that there's always more to learn and grow from. If it's something that you've been wanting to do for a while, then it has some importance for you. So why put it off any longer, lets all take Nike's advice and 'Just do it.' :)

My challenge to you this week if you wish to take me up on it is to find that one thing you've been putting off for whatever reason and just do it, no thinking - (apart from the plan if you need to) and then just go for it. Make it something you see as important but a bit out of your comfort zone and I am certain once your in the flow of taking action,  you will have built further confidence and  belief from doing so.

I will be doing the challenge too of course and I'll reveal my 'just do it' with you tomorrow :) , I'm very excited about it and look forward to sharing this with you. Please share what your 'just do it' challenge will be too and lets all begin and continue on the path towards following our hearts and dreams:).

"You don't have to see the whole staircase just take the first step." ~ Martin Luther King Jr

How to achieve healthy habits

We first make our habits, then our habits make us. ~ John Dryden

The power of good habits is well known but the most difficult part can be in forming the new habit or in breaking the old one. One thing that can be very helpful in the formation of new habits is having a good routine.

Sticking to regular workout times for example helps it to become part of our daily/ weekly rhythm, to the point where we can become naturally motivated to do your workout without having to think about it. This can apply to any healthy habit we wish to form - meditation, a healthy diet etc.

I now consider a good routine to be essential for success in health and fitness. I find myself being far more effective and motivated when I have formed these good routines than at other times when it has not been due to other commitments. Having a good fitness routine is something  I recommend to anyone who lacks motivation to exercise or is finding it difficult to form new healthy habits.

If you can stick to the same time and days each week for long enough  it will become a habit, you will then without doubt be motivated to do it. It will become part of your physiology, so you will start to feel like you need to do it, just like how you naturally feel the need to brush your teeth and wash everyday.

The saying that 'we are creatures of habit' is a very true one and we will naturally form habits throughout our lives. But ultimately we are the ones in control of our habits as long as we choose to be. We just have to decide to take back control in deciding what we want to do and who we want to be, otherwise our old habits take control.

Forming a good routine is a very powerful way to  break this and form new habits, putting you back in the driving seat of your life. Our habits are never mindlessly formed, at one point we had to choose them or learn them and they are then formed through repetition. We can therefore at any time choose to learn and develop new ones.

If forming new healthy habits is something you want to do then our health coaching programmes are designed to help you do this with all the support and guidance you need. By forming new healthy habits you can also begin to shed old unhealthy ones that are no longer serving you. By making  the focus of healthy living positive and part of your routine, it will begin to feel much easier and then become a part of who you are.

To receive your free introductory session or to find out more about our health coaching programmes, please contact me via the form below.

Thank you for reading today.

The best in Health and Happiness,



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10 health and fitness lessons for life

health coaching

Having worked in the area of Health and Fitness for the last 10 years and being a fanatic for slightly longer, today I'd like to share with you some of the most important lessons I've learnt from a life dedicated to health and fitness.

Here are my Top 10.

1. Gratitude - I value my health so much because I know what it's like to be without it. More than anything I recognise that without health I could do little else, so I always make focusing on my health a priority and give thanks for it everyday.

"If we value our health and make it a priority then every other area of our life will improve as well."

2. Constant and Never Ending Improvement - Focusing on Health and Fitness has taught me the importance of always striving for more. This is not because where I am is not enough but because our bodies are capable of so much, so why not use the gift we've been given to the best of it's ability.

3. To focus on strengths - We all have our inherent strengths and weaknesses, many of our weaknesses can be overcome and some maybe not. However when we focus on our strengths it more often makes up for any weaknesses and we can then go on to turn a previous weakness in to a unique advantage.

4. To always have motivating goals - Having goals is what drives us to grow and improve and so in turn keeps us motivated. A dedication to health and fitness has taught me how valuable having goals is in staying focused and in always moving forward.

5. The value of coaches / mentors - As well as now being a coach, I have always had a coach myself for some element of growth. A coach/ mentor can see that which we can not see, even if we're at a very advanced level, this is why all the best athletes and sports players have a coach. I know for certain I would not have achieved much of what I have without the amazing coaches and mentors I've had and for this I'm forever grateful to them.

6. Every difficulty can be an opportunity - Throughout my time in Health and Fitness I've had various setbacks in one form or another, several of them being severe injuries. These were not easy to deal with at the time, however each experience also taught me something far more valuable that I needed to learn at the time and gave me a strength that I would not otherwise have.

"With every setback there can always be a stronger comeback."

7. Mind over Matter - More than anything in fitness I've learnt that the focus of my mind matters most and no matter how difficult the goal may be, if I believe I can do it, then I will no matter what it takes.

8. If we don't progress, we regress - Every person who exercises regularly will understand this; that if we stop exercising even for just a couple of weeks, we will slip back. Because of this it's important to always continue and stay focused to both maintain and  improve our results.

9. Nothing can stop me, but me - Even if I have the best coach in the world it is still me that has to stay focused and keep moving forward. It is ourselves alone that can choose to be our own best motivator or own worst doubter ,  and it really does come down to which one we choose to focus on, to listen to  and encourage.

10. The importance of balance - As much as I love health and fitness I have also learnt the importance of balance. This is in all things health and fitness, from our training programmes to our diet plan. If we go too far with any thing it can be detrimental to us and our health, thus wasting all our previous efforts. So balance in all things is always the way forward for both continuous  progress and maintenance of good health.

All of the above lessons have been valuable to me and apply not only in health and fitness training but also for many other areas of life. These principles as well as others are also contained and gained in the programmes offered with Mirala Health because of their importance and assistance for you in achieving all of your goals.

For more information on our health and wellness programmes you can contact me via the form below. Thank you for reading today.

Wishing you all the best in health and happiness,


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5 ways to get the most out of your workouts

iStock_000023050652_ExtraSmall (1) iStock_000020353127_Small

Our time is precious so we want to make sure that the time we spend working out is worthwhile and that were getting the most out of each workout we do. But how can you be sure that every workout your doing is heading towards your goal? The following 5 ways detail how you can get the most out of each and every workout you do, follow these tips and your time in the gym will never be wasted.

1.) Planning  - Firstly it is essential that we always have a specific and measurable goal so that we can track our progress consistently and know that we are progressing. Once your goal is set and you know your base starting point having either an exercise programme or fitness journal is very useful  for tracking your progress. In addition to this try to plan your workout times so that you have a regular schedule that is easy to stick to.

2.) Effort - However long we spend on our workouts we want to make sure it really counts. When in the gym or doing your chosen activity always give it your absolute best, otherwise your not going to get the most out of your time or the best possible result. Having specific focus for each session helps with this, by knowing your focus you can then give all your energy to the session.

3.) Feedback - Listen to your body - how do you feel? Always check in, are you feeling your muscles working enough. Does it feel good/challenging? Each exercise we do should always be slightly out of our comfort zone so to challenge us. How much you are challenged depends on your own goals and fitness levels, but you should always feel slightly challenged in order to progress.

4.) Progress - Once you know that you are challenging yourself and giving each workout your best, make sure you track your progress. This is where your exercise programme or fitness journal come in handy. Track how much you improve with each session by how much distance you cover, how much weight you lift and so on. This will give you further motivation to continue improving towards your goal.

5.) Adaption- We must always adapt to progress, this is an important rule in health and fitness training as well as other areas of life. If we stay doing the same thing for too long we will inevitably stay in the same place. Don't allow yourself to get stuck in the same place, always adapt. As a general rule in addition to weekly increments to your plan, you should aim to adapt your workouts every 6-8 weeks.

If you follow the above steps it will ensure that you get the most out of your workouts. This is vitally important as many of us are very busy people, so when we are working out we need to ensure were getting the absolute best from each time. This in turn will increase our motivation to continue once we see better results.

It can sometimes be daunting to do all this on your own, especially if you do not know where to begin and how to track everything. In these situations it really helps to have the right coaching and guidance, for this reason I offer 6/ 12 week plans to help you get on the right track with all you need to begin and maintain your health and motivation for optimum long-term results. For more information on this you can contact me on 02031891213 to discuss health-coaching plan options or you can book in below for a free introductory goal-setting session today.

Thank you for reading today.

The best in Health and Happiness


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How to be more Motivated


Are you motivated to achieve your goals?
Are you motivated to achieve your goals?

We can often think of Motivation in terms of something that is fixed, ie' I'm either motivated by this or I'm not', however in the world of coaching and NLP it's seen slightly differently.

With certain coaching methods  you can take something your not motivated by and quiet quickly change it in to something that does motivated you. This is due to how we represent something in our minds and the meaning we  give to it, by simply changing the representation we can change our level of motivation towards it.

Once you are coming from a different reference point you are then motivated to take action which once you do, you then only need to gain momentum by continuing.

Often the hardest part in achieving any goal is simply beginning, we then only need to form the habit, this would be the next stage. As Jim Rohn stated 'Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.'

A simple trick in getting started is just recognising and changing where your focus is. Here is one method you can try;

Begin by thinking of something you have been struggling to get motivated to do, such as washing the car for example, or you can use anything else you wish..

Then think to yourself what is it about this that I'm focusing on right now? Maybe it is how large the task seems, or that it seems boring? Think of just one thing that really puts you off doing it.

Once you have identified this you can then begin to work on changing it. For example if you view the task of washing a car as boring, what are some ways in which you could make it more fun? Perhaps having some music going at the same time (be careful not to get your mp3 player soaked though 😉 , or maybe you could get the kids involved in making it a family activity.

What are some other ways you could make it fun?  Brainstorm it and see what appears most motivating to you and makes you want to take action. You will know what it is when you start  to feel like you want to take action.

The most important thing is recognising where our focus is going and in knowing that we can change it, so that the task we previously needed to do but found boring now becomes fun and gets done :).

To find out how you can become more motivated on a consistent basis for all your important goals, please send me a brief message below outlining what you'd like to achieve and I 'll get back to you as soon as possible so we can discuss your coaching options.

Thank you for reading, please leave any comments or questions you have below. I hope you find the above tip useful in getting an important task done today. Enjoy :)

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Why we plateau and how to overcome it

coaching support

Plateauing can be one of those dreaded frustrations that can when were heading towards an important goal. We've been making steady progress towards our goal of weight loss for example and then nothing, for a week or two we just stay where we are and don't progress at all. Anyone who has been here knows just how frustrating this can be, but why does it happen and what can we do to change it?  I've put together the following on this and I hope you find it useful, please also comment with any of your own experiences and feedback.

Why we plateau

  • Loss of focus - This can sometimes be out of boredom or just because we have too much else going on, this can then stop us from fully focusing on our workouts, which is vital.

To get 100 % out of our workouts we have to give 100 %

  • Not pushing  yourself in your workouts - Here we just have to be really honest with ourself - can you do more or are you staying in a comfort zone?
  • Not adapting - If you are doing the same workout on the same weights or levels for more than a few weeks then progress will stall. This  can often happen a lot quicker than this, dependent on your workout programme and how many times you workout in the week.
  • Not eating or sleeping properly - Both adequate nutrition and sleep are essential to your recovery process, without adequate recovery you cannot progress effectively.
  • Lastly you could have just reached your peak in this area,  in which case you can either adapt your goal or choose a completely different workout altogether in order to shock your body.

How to overcome a plateau

  • Refocus - A good way to do this is in using visualisation, visualise yourself achieving your goal and feeling great, get really passionate about it. When you do this your belief in achieving your goal and your focus will increase.
  • Use a workout and food diary - This will help you to actually track what you are doing each day and where you may be falling short and need to adjust.
  • Vary your workouts - I would always recommend doing this, not only does it assist your progress but it will make your workouts more fun.
  • Relaxation  - Including stretching in your training always to allow your muscles to relax and recover. In addition try to do something relaxing in the evening such as yoga or meditation, this will help you to sleep better as well.
  • Adaption = Progression - Lastly and most importantly always adapt. When we reach a peak in any area and the method is no longer working, we need to change it.

These principles apply not just with our health and fitness goals but in most if not all areas of life. If we apply these principles as soon as we realise we are stagnating we can quickly find ourselves on the road to progression again.

'To adapt is to progress'

For more advice on how you can overcome a plateau or to book in for a free coaching  consultation, you can contact me via the form below.

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