Keeping a Gratitude Diary

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Having started a new gratitude journal this year and doing so with my son, I wanted to share with you all today the benefits that you can  get from this activity, not just for yourself but for your whole family.

Too often and particularly at this time of year we can become very focused on the future , which can be healthy but not when  forgetting the importance of the present moment and in being grateful of all we already have. It is important for us to be aware of this  because becoming too future focused can potentially lead to stress if we feel we are not meeting all the demands we set for ourselves. This is where gratitude comes in. 

For complete health and happiness gratitude needs to become a daily and consistent focus for us. By doing this we become more present and appreciative of what we already have. The combination of gratitude and goal setting is actually how we achieve our ultimate state of being and living in flow. To understand more on  this please check out this great video below with Vishen Lakhiani on the concept of Flow.

When we are very forward focusing people we have to be wary of falling in to the stress trap of becoming too results focused and instead remember to focus on flow.  When we are in this state, it is one of the most beautiful states to be in,  gratitude is what helps to bring us back to this state. Gratitude will also work for you if you find your mind slips in to the past a lot and you become focused on what is missing in this way. By bringing your focus on to gratitude you will  automatically become present and the more you do this the better you will consistently feel.

Stress and anxiety are caused by over-thinking the future and what you feel you have to do, low mood on the other hand is caused by overthinking the past.  By bringing your focus here and now and on to all you have to be grateful for, you will begin to find yourself more at peace. Peace through presence is what naturally comes through being in the present moment and  practicing gratitude is one of the quickest way possible to do this.

In just over two weeks of keeping our gratitude diaries I am noticing great benefits already for me and my son, being more here and now and therefore happier in this moment and what could really be more important than this?

Please give the gratitude journal a try for yourself and see how it can benefit your  life too. Then comment and let me know of your own experiences also in doing so or if you are already doing so too, it would be great to hear from you.

Gratitude and Blessings,

Miranda x

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The Health Benefits of Gratitude

gratitude focus

Gratitude is so important to us for our health and happiness, it has the power to change everything, our whole lives even.

Here's why;

  • Being grateful shifts out focus entirely from focusing on what we want and don't have to what we have and are deeply grateful for.
  • The more we practice gratitude the more we notice we have to be grateful for and develop joyful feelings of appreciation.
  • By realising how much we have, we can become more giving and open to others.
  • Gratitude brings us back to the now, it allows us to focus on what we have here and now rather than what we wish to have.
  • Being grateful makes us feel good and when practiced regularly helps to benefit our overall emotional health.

If practicing gratitude isn't something you currently do actively then I would highly recommend giving it a try to see how much it can improve your life and daily outlook. You can start by just setting up a simple practice to spend a few minutes everyday to focus on all you are grateful for.

If you can, keep a gratitude journal too where you can write down everyday all you are really grateful for. Really get in to the state of gratitude whilst doing it. By doing this you'll then have a journal of your best feel - good moments that you can go over in any time you may need a lift. Just doing this simple practice everyday can make a big difference.

If you can commit to doing this for 30 days you will notice a real shift in your mind-state. You will begin to feel more positive overall just from this one simple exercise that only takes a few minutes every day, a few minutes well worth committing to.

After doing this for 30 days you will have then built a daily habit and if you do experience great benefits from it, why not make it a more permanent  one. By becoming more grateful in our daily lives we can become more present, doing so  can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety significantly.

To discover more about the benefits of gratitude and other daily practices you can  include to improve your overall health and wellbeing, please get in touch below  to arrange a free initial coaching session. Thank you.

'The more we focus on all we have to be grateful for, the more we will have to be grateful for.  What we focus on expands, change your focus, change your life.'

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10 health and fitness lessons for life

health coaching

Having worked in the area of Health and Fitness for the last 10 years and being a fanatic for slightly longer, today I'd like to share with you some of the most important lessons I've learnt from a life dedicated to health and fitness.

Here are my Top 10.

1. Gratitude - I value my health so much because I know what it's like to be without it. More than anything I recognise that without health I could do little else, so I always make focusing on my health a priority and give thanks for it everyday.

"If we value our health and make it a priority then every other area of our life will improve as well."

2. Constant and Never Ending Improvement - Focusing on Health and Fitness has taught me the importance of always striving for more. This is not because where I am is not enough but because our bodies are capable of so much, so why not use the gift we've been given to the best of it's ability.

3. To focus on strengths - We all have our inherent strengths and weaknesses, many of our weaknesses can be overcome and some maybe not. However when we focus on our strengths it more often makes up for any weaknesses and we can then go on to turn a previous weakness in to a unique advantage.

4. To always have motivating goals - Having goals is what drives us to grow and improve and so in turn keeps us motivated. A dedication to health and fitness has taught me how valuable having goals is in staying focused and in always moving forward.

5. The value of coaches / mentors - As well as now being a coach, I have always had a coach myself for some element of growth. A coach/ mentor can see that which we can not see, even if we're at a very advanced level, this is why all the best athletes and sports players have a coach. I know for certain I would not have achieved much of what I have without the amazing coaches and mentors I've had and for this I'm forever grateful to them.

6. Every difficulty can be an opportunity - Throughout my time in Health and Fitness I've had various setbacks in one form or another, several of them being severe injuries. These were not easy to deal with at the time, however each experience also taught me something far more valuable that I needed to learn at the time and gave me a strength that I would not otherwise have.

"With every setback there can always be a stronger comeback."

7. Mind over Matter - More than anything in fitness I've learnt that the focus of my mind matters most and no matter how difficult the goal may be, if I believe I can do it, then I will no matter what it takes.

8. If we don't progress, we regress - Every person who exercises regularly will understand this; that if we stop exercising even for just a couple of weeks, we will slip back. Because of this it's important to always continue and stay focused to both maintain and  improve our results.

9. Nothing can stop me, but me - Even if I have the best coach in the world it is still me that has to stay focused and keep moving forward. It is ourselves alone that can choose to be our own best motivator or own worst doubter ,  and it really does come down to which one we choose to focus on, to listen to  and encourage.

10. The importance of balance - As much as I love health and fitness I have also learnt the importance of balance. This is in all things health and fitness, from our training programmes to our diet plan. If we go too far with any thing it can be detrimental to us and our health, thus wasting all our previous efforts. So balance in all things is always the way forward for both continuous  progress and maintenance of good health.

All of the above lessons have been valuable to me and apply not only in health and fitness training but also for many other areas of life. These principles as well as others are also contained and gained in the programmes offered with Mirala Health because of their importance and assistance for you in achieving all of your goals.

For more information on our health and wellness programmes you can contact me via the form below. Thank you for reading today.

Wishing you all the best in health and happiness,


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Following your Heart

The power of the heart premiere
The power of the heart premiere
The Power of the Heart 005
Me with cast members, Christopher Goh and Jamie Ann Burke.

Today I  had the good fortune of attending the London premiere for The Power of the Heart film by Baptist de Pape in London. The film  is  brilliant and resonated with me so much that I felt it important to share with you today in how important following your heart can be. I hope it can inspire you to do the same too (if your not already:).

Following my heart is something I have found to be essential for my own inner peace and happiness and therefore for optimum health and wellbeing. When I am not doing so I have found myself losing passion and drive because of not doing that which I feel most called to do.

I believe that  following our heart and achieving optimum health are both inextricably linked. When we truly follow our heart we become more alive altogether, and what is health if it is not this? Likewise without our health we are not able to follow our heart completely as our health is essential in all we do.

Because of many personal experiences in overcoming health challenges I believe I am following my hearts purpose and passion  in using all I know and have learnt in helping others to overcome health challenges and achieve overall health and wellbeing. A large part of our health begins and continues in our mind-state which is why I know coaching  to be so valuable for our health improvement.

The main message that I took from today and have learnt from following my own heart is to never give up on it, even though the road can get pretty rocky to always follow what you feel in your heart is essential, when we do this our life and health will always thank us in return. What is most important is that we are happy and as healthy as we can be and I truly believe that in following our heart we can achieve this far more easily.

I highly recommend watching The Power of the Heart , it is a really great film and highlights the importance of listening to and following our heart with many great examples of the power in doing so. I have much gratitude to Baptist de Pape for following his heart and in his determination to making this film a success. A huge thank you to him and all involved for their great work.

As my gift to you today I'd like to offer you a free 30 minute  goal-coaching session via skype so you can see how much this is possible. You can then decide if you think health coaching is something that you could benefit from further. All you need to do is just drop me a message and we can arrange a time that is mutually suitable. Unfortunately I only have 10 spaces available for this month so please get back to me as soon as you possibly can. Thank you.

If you have any questions also please feel free to comment below and I do hope you get to watch the Power of the Heart film or read the book soon too.  <3

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Important Keys to Health Recovery

Having overcome ill health and poor mobility myself, along with working within the field of health recovery, I have picked up on some of the most important and essential elements to health recovery and the process of regaining your health that I want to share with you today.

By recovery here I mean reaching the best state of health that is possible for you, for your ultimate wellbeing and in being able to manage any long term conditions to the best of your ability. So that then you can ultimately have the best state of life possible and achieve all you set out to do, whatever this may mean for you.

Everyones recovery journey is slightly different but these elements are essential in maintaining good wellbeing and some appear very obvious but are often lacking to some degree when we are struggling health-wise. So here they are;

Drink plenty of water - Maintaining your hydration is absolutely number 1, we cannot function well at all if we are dehydrated, We will tire easily and put ourselves at risk of burnout and other illnesses.

Think Positively - Focus on the good in life more than the negative, this has a very positive effect on your immune system, in addition the more you think positive the more positive you notice around you.

Eat nutritious food - get plenty of fruit and vegetables and adequate sources of protein for muscle growth and repair. It is also essential for your energy levels to eat at regular intervals, small meals every 3-4 hours is ideal. In addition to cut sugar down to a minimum, it causes chaos in our bodies which can hinder the recovery process

Exercise regularly - Daily 20 mins minimum - or whatever you can manage to start with if your health is very poor, ideally a minimum of 40 mins a day if you are in better health. (however something is always better than nothing.)
For your body to be functioning effectively your blood circulation needs to be functioning well, if we sit/ lie down all day this is more difficult to happen. However if your confined to a chair or bed there are still movement exercises you can do that will help. For muscle aches and pains, certain yoga exercises are a perfect starting point.

Laughter - Laughter is excellent medicine, enjoy seeing the humorous side of things and watching things that make you laugh more often than anything else. (My personal opinion would be avoid watching anything too negative such as the news all together.) Replace it with things that make you feel good :)

Surround yourself with people who support you, encourage you and believe in you. - This is essential so that you can keep going on your recovery journey a lot easier and know that you have the support and encouragement you need. Too much negativity can bring you down and halt your progress significantly. Focus on those who believe in you and your goals and also those who have overcome similar difficulties.

Believe in yourself and your goals with absolute conviction and never give up - a recovery journey can be a difficult one and you will need absolute certainty and belief in yourself that you can do it and believe that you can. I can tell you now that with the right tools and firm conviction you can and will make it.

Regular Meditation - When your mind is clearer then you are more relaxed, this will help your body and mind to recover and for you to bring your focus on feeling well again. A simple breathing meditation for just 5 minutes a day can make a big difference.

Gratitude - Focusing on all you have to be grateful for brings your focus on to all that is already good in your life instead of the difficulties that may have previously taken up your focus. This change in focus can work like magic in your life in helping you to feel better and more positive about life in general.

For more information on health recovery or for your free introductory Skype session you can contact me below,

Be kind to yourself today and everyday, you deserve to be treated well.

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State management

State management could be described as the ability to know and take responsibility for your own mind-state, so to then be able to adapt it accordingly. This is entirely possible and is a far better way in which to have more control over our lives. We are otherwise only subject to experience and then in danger of falling in to repetitive habits of state where we aren't taking any control or responsibility for them. When in this way  we are therefore believing we have no control over how we feel or the circumstances in which we live in. The great news is  however that we do have much choice and control over our own state.

On a level all people are effectively choosing their state to a certain extent already,  we have all  likely been in a situation where we have had to adapt our mind-state, perhaps to feel more positive at work after having had a difficult morning for example. This is choosing state by making a conscious choice to adapt that which we are focusing on so that how we feel soon catches up. It is not to say that difficult situations do not need to be dealt with where necessary, but even so, having the knowledge and ability to consciously choose your state even in such situations will greatly improve the outcome.

Firstly in effective state management is recognising that you have a choice, as soon as you begin to notice yourself in a state you'd rather not be in, notice it and note that you have a choice, you are then empowered to choose to either stay there or adopt a new state. Whatever the situation, it is you that chooses what your focus is going to be and therefore how you are going to feel and respond. From making this choice you can then in effect transform the situation through your own response to it. Our own thinking, feeling and doing are all linked, therefore what we think affects how we feel which then affects our actions and then the situation.

"If you do not conquer self you will be conquered by self." ~ Napoleon Hill

What Napoleon Hill states in the above quote is the reason why responsibility and choice are so important, because before taking responsibility for our own thought processes in any moment we are in effect allowing ourselves to be controlled by circumstances or other people. However, you always have a choice, so which state do you choose to be in. It may be you just need or want to be in a happier state to be more productive or perhaps you may want to feel more relaxed. If you have experienced either of these states before it is possible for you to adopt this or any other more productive state again very quickly.

All states have three main components, which are all linked.

1.) Thought (language)

2.) Focus

3.) Physiology (movement & posture)

By changing either one of these you can then change your state and each one will then affect the other.

Experience shows that it can be easier and quicker for a more immediate state change to firstly adapt our physiology. For example if you are feeling low then adopting a more upright posture and shifting your focus on to something else that makes you feel good will immediately change your state, it is then just a matter of remaining with this more positive posture and focus until it becomes more dominant, which can be done through habitual reinforcement.

Here are seven quick ways to choose and change your state;

  1. Change your posture to a more optimal one (ie of confidence) hold this and repeat a positive intention/ affirmation to yourself 3 times.
  2. Take 5 deep diaphragmatic breaths and really focus on the breath and the feeling of relaxation associated with it
  3. Listen to your favourite uplifting music
  4. Exercise - even if only for a few minutes,  jumping or dancing for example will immediately shift your state to a more uplifted one.
  5. Watch a comedy clip or full comedy when you have more time to allow yourself some feel good time
  6. Focus your mind on a really positive experience (visualise and really experience it.)
  7. Gratitude - This one is amazingly powerful and I urge you to do this if you have not tried it before. Next time you are feeling low, notice it and then choose to take your focus on to all the things you have to be grateful for, however big or small. Doing this will very quickly change how you feel and if you were to do this everyday you would find yourself feeling naturally more happy and at peace all of the time, very powerful stuff.

I hope you have found the above information helpful in learning how you can have more control over your own state.  Being able to do so can have a very positive impact on your health and life. For more information on state management and coaching with Mirala Health please contact us on 07936588505 for your free no obligation consultation.

Priceless Gifts


Take time to think of all the small things you have to be grateful for about your health everyday. It may seem small at first but it will be very significant- such as being able to breathe clearly, being free from aches & pains or having full use of any one of your senses. 

All of these are so vital to our vitality and can so easily be taken for granted if not consciously thought about. These can be seemingly small parts of our health but are priceless gifts and when we take time to be grateful for them we can realise how much so.
 Our health is exceedingly valuable and we should not need to lose any part of it to realise how much so. 
If any part of your health is not so good try focusing your mind on that which is still good and focus your gratitude on these parts of your health. 
It is easy to become absorbed in difficulties if we have them, but when we consciously focus on the health that we do have, we realise that we have many beautiful gifts, treasure these.
The most beautiful and important parts of our lives do not have a price tag, practicing gratitude daily helps us to realise this and appreciate these gifts of real value.