NLP and how it can help you

nlp coaching

If you have never heard of NLP you may wonder what exactly it is and how it can help you and even if you have heard of it you may have heard some contradictory or even negative ideas. This post will give you some more understanding as to what NLP actually is and how it may help you.

The name NLP is an abbreviation for Neuro Linguistic Programming, this Neuro meaning  mind or brain and how we think, Linguistic - for  how we use our language both internally and externaly and programming for how we program our minds to be at our most effective, some would also refer to this as conditioning or re-patterning of our thoughts feelings and habits.

With the right coach NLP is profoundly powerful in helping to assist long term changes for your highest benefit. NLP itself began by studying and modelling excellence and how  high achievers achieve what they do. It was found that through modelling the specific patterns of language and behaviour set out by highly successful predecessors you too can achieve the same if not far more. NLP then teaches a way of thinking where you have far greater control over your ability to be at your best most frequently.

A coach helps you to do this by working with you to see things differently so that you can overcome any past challenges and function at your best. This is done  using techniques that are highly effective in identifying  and using your already innate abilities through structuring your thought process in the most beneficial way to you.

The methods in NLP are conitnued from the following fields of Psychology;

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Family system therapy
  • Behavioural Psychology
  • General semantics
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Meta Model
  • Milton Model
  • Modern Hypnotherapy

As you can see from the above list NLP has a very extensive and well formed background and is therefore highly effective in achieving great results.

HOW IS YOUR MINDSET? message on the card shown by a woman

So just how can it help you?

NLP offers a long range of great solutions for challenges that affect  your everyday performance , some of which you may have suffered with for many years. NLP can help you resolve them often within just a few sessions, this can be less or more dependent on the nature of the challenge.

Below is a list of some of the main challenges that we can work on together and overcome using NLP;

  • Fears/ Phobias
  • Low confidence/ poor self-esteem
  • High performance
  • Organisation
  • Depression
  • Apathy
  • Achieving Goals
  • Clarity of mind/ focus

From experience of both receiving NLP coaching and  being  an NLP Coach myself I can verify to you how effective it really is. So much so I would go as far as to say its one of the best there is when it is used well. There are not many therapies out there that can offer such powerful transformations especially within a relatively short space of time.

If you'd like to find out more about how NLP can help you  specifically, then please do book in for a 30 minute consultation below where we can discuss together your needs and how you can be at your best consistently.

Please also share this post if you know someone it may help today,

Thank you


'Health is the real wealth'

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How to use your mind to improve your health


Your mind is one of the most powerful resources you have to improve your health, although we are often taught to focus purely on the physical; to exercise more, eat healthier and so on.

This is not to say the  physical elements are not of importance, but that our minds are in fact the greatest and most important tools that we have to begin and continue improving our health. With the power of our minds we can create, change and achieve anything we wish to. Our minds direct the functions of our bodies both consciously and subconsciously and all we need do is take control, to know we are the ones in charge and then apply the greatest tool that we have to our advantage.

The very thing that is often missed is the importance of our mind in improving our health and that we have to start here for the best results.

For example; if we do not believe we can overcome something what are the chances of us doing so?

Not very likely is the honest answer, sadly this is where so many start out when beginning a goal to achieve their best health and then soon give up when not meeting their set expectations.

So how do we cultivate a strong enough belief and ensure we are using our mind to the best of our ability to achieve our health goals?

time to believe

Here are a few top tips;

    1. Set yourself a goal that you know is possible in the short term – setting a short-term goal is a good way of building your belief system so to begin with focus on what you know you can achieve today and then the week and month. Before you know it you have then built to a larger goal and gained a new belief.
    2. Tell yourself it is possible – Whether we realise it or not we have for most of the time an ongoing internal dialogue. Are you are aware of what goes on with yours? One way of checking in is on how you are feeling? If you are feeling low then the chances are your internal dialogue is negative. If you’re feeling great then it’s likely positive. The great thing is that you are in complete control of this and in changing it for where you want to be. A great way to do this is through the use of affirmations.
    3. Visualise– Our bodies respond to what our minds perceive so when we focus within our own minds, our bodies will respond as if it were true. Visualise yourself being at your best and enjoying being healthy and do it so often that you will know it and believe it to be true.

These approaches are open to and subject to much scepticism but the best way to know as with anything is to apply it. Put it to the test and see the results for yourself.

If you'd like to find out more about mind -body health recovery coaching  please use the form below to book your free initial coaching session.

If you found this post useful, please share, Thank you,


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5 reasons to love the gym

love the gym

Since the first day I ever stepped in a gym I instantly loved it,  I also know however that this is not a very common response. Because many of you may struggle to get motivated for the gym, today I wanted to share with you some aspects of the gym that can help turn you in to a gym lover too. I hope these can inspire an improvement in motivation for any of you who may need it.

For each gym lover their reasons may slightly differ, but I know for sure that  when enough positivity is connected to the gym it is possible that absolutely anyone can fall in love with it.

Here are my top five reasons to why;

  1. Feel Great - Many of the goals you set for yourself can take a while to achieve, but with this one you can achieve each and every session. Without doubt if you put some effort in even for only a half an hour you will feel far better for it and ultimately what we all want is to feel great.
  2. Make great connections - The gym can also be a great place to meet people and socialise, especially with likeminded people who are focused on achieving their health and fitness goals. Many gyms also have social activities and gatherings too.
  3. All you need in one place - From great machines, to classes, music and PT's, you have all you need within the gym to motivate you, no excuses. All you have to do is get there. :)
  4. A positive environment - A gym is overall a very positive environment, everyone there is working towards a goal and motivated towards improving themselves and their health. A really great place to be to lift yourself up whenever you need to.
  5. Time for you - We can often spend much of our time doing stuff for others and being there for others, whether at work or at home, so to take time for ourselves is very important. What better way to do this than to work on improving your health and fitness and feeling great for it? :)

These are just some of the many reasons to fall in love with the gym, please do share some of your own reasons too. Or likewise please share if and why you dislike the gym and I will personally offer you a solution that you can then apply.

If you enjoyed this blog please do share it so others can benefit from it too. Sharing is caring :) Thank you.

Achieving your best health

Old paper grunge background, white and brown - A good health is the best wealthHow much influence do you believe you have over your own health and what do you do each day to be able to achieve your best health?

Having faith in our own abilities to affect our health positively is vital to our health improvement. After all if you don't believe it's possible are you even going to try?

So just how do you achieve that belief that you can absolutely achieve your best health?

Many people have false beliefs and doubts over what they can actually achieve or overcome with their health and my  approach here is to show that it is absolutely possible and to help you remove any obstacles that may stand in the way of this.

Often we can simply stop ourselves from achieving what is possible by our doubts based on negative schools of thought or our own previous experience/ failed attempts. However I do know and believe that you can absolutely transform any challenge and achieve your best health and I'm here to help you find that for your life.

Whether you are looking to overcome injury, lose weight or overcome a chronic condition I'm here to help you do just that and to help you prove most of all to yourself what can truly be possible for YOU.

I have a great opportunity currently for only 5 people who are wishing to achieve their best health in as little as a month. This programme is a unique and innovative opportunity were you will be able to work closely and consistently with me to transform your health.

This programme offer starts this weekend and entry to it closes within the next 48 hours. We are looking for people who are serious about transforming their health. If you BELIEVE this is you please send your name and details on the contact form below and I'll get back to you within the day with full details and next steps.

Thank you,


 Achieve your best in health and achieve your best in life

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Being Yourself Completely

How do we really know when we're are being ourselves and what does this look like for us? Being yourself completely is entirely subjective and only you will really know, although when you are others will pick up on it too. However the most important pointer I can give on this is how different you will feel when completely being yourself vs not doing so.

When you are being yourself completely in every way, it is freeing and without limits, you do not think of what others judgements about you  may be, you express yourself wholly and completely and in doing so free yourself and become completely present.

Although initially others close to you may object to you doing so, you are actually serving both them and you in your example of living without limits and truly expressing who you are. This can be a journey in itself and a daily practice of reminding yourself that you are important and worthy enough to completely be yourself and contribute all you have to give to the world, but it is worth every effort in doing so.

Without you being completely who you are in every way, everyone you know and will know in the future misses out on all of who you are and all that you have to contribute, which as the unique individual that you are is so much. To stay confined for fear of judgements or doubts that you are enough, is to waste your life and to not experience the flow of being true to you and everyone around you.

Don't allow yourself to miss out on this, no amount of fear or doubt is worth this limitation in your life and the right people will always be there when you are completely you, they will not only embrace you as you are but be encouraged to do the same too. Never allow others judgements to bring you down, because unknowingly in doing this the cycle continues.

Be bold and be you,  do what you love and express who you are completely , I promise you in doing so it will be worth all the effort in the world. Nothing or no-one is worth limiting yourself for, as long as you are doing so from a place of love and presence you will always be doing your best, and love, without exception always  includes yourself. Find the courage no matter what and you'll always find a way to follow the path that is yours and then many more benefits will open up before you.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you in to something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

For information on coaching for complete health and wellbeing, you can contact me via the form below.

Thank you,


The Art of Being Present

Can you think  of a time where you felt really present, completely there in the moment? To me this is the ultimate state, the art of being present, the state of being  in complete flow. When we are in states such as this, everything we do flows much  easier as we express ourselves freely without limitation. As Ekhart Tolle states;

"When you lose touch with your inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world."

By allowing ourselves to be in the state of presence more often we can become healthier and happier with ease. When we are truly present, all tension is let go of and fear and worry do not exist.

The next time you do find yourself becoming fearful or stressed; try simply bringing yourself back to now, feel the presence of your body, focus on what you can see and hear. Find yourself absorbing everything and simply noticing what is here and now. By doing so you will quickly regain your focus and clarity of mind, this simple exercise allows you to really be here and now completely  and the longer we can maintain this state the better for our overall health and wellbeing.

You may have some activities in your life that have this effect consistently on you already, I personally find that exercise is great for this. Try if you can to have more of these activities within your day and week and see the benefits you will gain from doing so.

To find out more about coaching and techniques in mindfulness and other health and wellness practices , you can contact me via the form below where I can get back to you with some further information.

Thank you, Miranda.

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Personal Goal Setting

Personal goal setting is something very important for all of us that can help to keep us focused and moving forward in your lives. The trouble is many of us don't know how to set goals well, or maybe even why to set goals and so avoid it completely, then missing out on all the benefits that are obtained from doing so consistently.

By setting goals regularly  that are set well, you can find yourself becoming more motivated and driven to achieve, purely from the act of good goal setting. 

Setting goals may be something your not sure how to do, so to get you started I've shared below some of Mind Tools advice in doing so. Please check it out and if you don't set goals already, get started forming this great habit. You'll soon find your motivation boosted and be advancing your life towards your goals and dreams.

Personal Goal Setting - Mind Tools

Setting goals gives your life direction, and boosts your motivation and self-confidence. Learn how to set SMART goals and achieve your dreams.

Read more ...

To book your free goal setting session here all you need to do is send me a message via the form below,

Wishing you the best in Health and Happiness,


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Facing Fears

Facing Fears

Facing fears is something many of us can or have struggled with, some of us may even just avoid doing anything scary by staying well within our comfort zone. However by doing this we are effectively limiting our life and preventing ourselves from having any new and exciting experiences. Instead we allow fear to be the one in control of our lives, deciding what we can or can't do. The question then becomes, is this what we really want for ourselves??

The easiest way to discover this is to simply ask yourself what you really want;  to begin, write down all the things you really want to do, be or have and then ask what is it if anything that is or could be stopping you? If any of the reasons are due to fear, which it more  often is what stops us from doing what we really want to do, then the good news is, you don't have to allow fear to stop you any longer.

I can however completely understand  how it can feel this way, sometimes fear can appear to be a huge barrier to us and actually when we begin to realise that it is far easier to face than we imagined it to be, we can then see that fear, like most barriers exists only in the mind. What happens is that we can attach the feeling of fear to something external. There are many reasons why this can happen and sometimes we do need to unwire the original cause to be able to move forward from it, however it is very possible to do so and far easier than we might think.

For fears that are not  so complex they can of course be overcome even easier, some simple methods for doing so would be;

  1. Just going for it ( feel the fear and do it anyway)
  2. Using Relaxation & Visualisation
  3. Tapping (EFT)

All of the above as well as other methods I use in coaching can be used to overcome the initial effects of fear and how this can make us feel when we approach something outside of our comfort zone. The first one of just going for it is a method I've personally used and still do after reading Susan Jeffers book, 'Feel the Fear and do it Anyway' when I was much younger. A book I would highly recommend.

This made a big difference to me as before then fear held most of the control in my life. By deciding to feel the fear and do it anyway with the things that I wanted to do, I then took my power back and opened up a whole new world of adventure.

I now coach and help others to do the same using methods that work very quickly to enable you to overcome any fear, no matter what. So that you can go on to achieve what you want to achieve and live the life you dream of.

For today only I'm offering a half price discount on the  'Overcome your fear package'. This includes;

  • An initial consultation,
  • Your full session, in which  we take as long as you need to fully banish the fear.
  • Your follow-up session where we fully test out the past fear and plan for your future success.

As a special black Friday to fully banish those limiting fears, I'm offering this package at a half price of only £150

Based on average sessions of 1-2 hours, that's up to 6 hours of my time for only £150.00!!

To make this offer even better I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results, so you have nothing to lose, except your fears :)

If you are interested in taking up this offer today and would like to find out more, please send me a message below.

Thank you,


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5 Ways to Finding Balance in Life

Finding Balance in Life

Finding balance in life can at times feel like we're on the balancing scales.Where we are having to re-adjust whenever something new is added to our lives, or simply when our lives change in some way.

In a time where we can also feel pressured by demands in different areas  of  our lives, how can it be possible to find balance so that we can achieve all we want to, whilst also being at our best?

This is something many of us as busy people can find a challenge, so today I just wanted to share some reflections with you on what I have found to be most helpful to becoming centred again.

Here  5 ways I have found most useful in doing so;

  1. Self-reflection - keeping a journal for all thoughts and goals can be really useful, really it's about us being able to find internal order and writing/ planning in this way really helps us to do this
  2. Taking time for you - When we're not nurturing ourselves we can become lost in everything else we have to do and eventually wear ourselves out.  time Make time for you, for doing the things you personally enjoy,  where you don't have to think of anything else.
  3. Advanced Planning - if we have large projects or goals, these can become overwhelming and so planning well ahead and chunking down by breaking them down in to smaller goals can really make it seem less overwhelming. Overall life balance can be incorporated in to this by using coaching methods as well.
  4. Meditation/ Relaxation - When we find internal balance our whole lives begin to feel more balanced overall. Everything always begins within, so this is a really great place to start. However long we can manage, even if only 5-10 minutes a day it really can make a powerful difference to our lives in finding more overall calm and balance.
  5. Regular Exercise - As with meditation and relaxation, regular exercise helps us to feel more internally balanced. It is also a time for us and where we can let go of any tension we may be holding on to.

Because our lives are always changing and adapting I do believe that finding balance is something where we have to adapt accordingly. Our lives are like waves in the sense that we are always changing and adapting, but if we can always begin by finding internal order and balance, then any life changes and busy schedules can be far easier to manage.

Please also share some of your own ideas and experiences here, it would be great to hear from you. If you would also like to arrange a coaching session to discover how much you can begin to improve your overall health and wellbeing then please contact me via the form below. Thank you,


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Anything is Possible

Being just over half way in the 30 day blogging challenge now, I wanted to share something with you that happened last  time I took on this challenge back in April this year. Very unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, in the early stages of my last blogging challenge broke my right wrist :-/ . As you can imagine this made it quiet difficult for me to continue with the blogging challenge Instead it gave me a different challenge, one with my wrist, a challenge to prove that anything is possible.

I decided to use the experience of breaking my wrist positively as proof in how the power of positive thinking, as well as other methods can improve recovery time. I then tracked this in a few videos that I've added below. This kind of experience however was not new for me as is something I've had experience in professionally and personally on different levels. So this although a bit frustrating at the times, in my mind it was fairly easy to overcome. This is because the power of our thinking, our decisions always comes first

This is one important thing I coach on, that everything starts in our mind. You must believe something is possible and decide to make it happen and then you can. When you have enough conviction in something and the right methods,  truly anything is possible.

The common time for recovery of a broken wrist is 6-8 weeks, I managed to get the cast off in 5! Even the doctors and other hospital staff couldn't believe it. Not only this but initially it was  thought I would have to have surgery to re-adjust the bone, where I would have had to have metal of some sort holding it in place. After the first two weeks of X-rays, they also decided this would not be necessary.

For me this was a huge victory and also a relief as I didn't really want surgery and especially not any metal pins, if I could avoid it. Fortunately I managed to achieve all I set out to do and now my wrist is well recovered and back to normal again. More than anything though this particular challenge gave me the opportunity to prove what I already knew to be possible and true, and the knowledge enough to track the progress in advance.

The videos are now available for anyone to view as proof of what is possible with the power of positivity and belief. So anyone who is  or finds their self in this or any similar situation can also prove the same. We never have to allow unforeseen circumstances to get us down. There is always a way you can turn anything around and find the positive within it to use it to your advantage. Just believe you can.

Please check out some of the videos  below of my wrist recovery journey, the last one of my cast being sawn off  is of some amusing quality, complete with my elative joyous grin :) Please also share this post if you find it inspirational in any way and that also may be of help to someone you know. Thank you for reading today.

Wishing you the best in Health and Happiness,


"Anything is possible as long as you believe it to be."