Keeping a Gratitude Diary

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Having started a new gratitude journal this year and doing so with my son, I wanted to share with you all today the benefits that you can  get from this activity, not just for yourself but for your whole family.

Too often and particularly at this time of year we can become very focused on the future , which can be healthy but not when  forgetting the importance of the present moment and in being grateful of all we already have. It is important for us to be aware of this  because becoming too future focused can potentially lead to stress if we feel we are not meeting all the demands we set for ourselves. This is where gratitude comes in. 

For complete health and happiness gratitude needs to become a daily and consistent focus for us. By doing this we become more present and appreciative of what we already have. The combination of gratitude and goal setting is actually how we achieve our ultimate state of being and living in flow. To understand more on  this please check out this great video below with Vishen Lakhiani on the concept of Flow.

When we are very forward focusing people we have to be wary of falling in to the stress trap of becoming too results focused and instead remember to focus on flow.  When we are in this state, it is one of the most beautiful states to be in,  gratitude is what helps to bring us back to this state. Gratitude will also work for you if you find your mind slips in to the past a lot and you become focused on what is missing in this way. By bringing your focus on to gratitude you will  automatically become present and the more you do this the better you will consistently feel.

Stress and anxiety are caused by over-thinking the future and what you feel you have to do, low mood on the other hand is caused by overthinking the past.  By bringing your focus here and now and on to all you have to be grateful for, you will begin to find yourself more at peace. Peace through presence is what naturally comes through being in the present moment and  practicing gratitude is one of the quickest way possible to do this.

In just over two weeks of keeping our gratitude diaries I am noticing great benefits already for me and my son, being more here and now and therefore happier in this moment and what could really be more important than this?

Please give the gratitude journal a try for yourself and see how it can benefit your  life too. Then comment and let me know of your own experiences also in doing so or if you are already doing so too, it would be great to hear from you.

Gratitude and Blessings,

Miranda x

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The Art of Being Present

Can you think  of a time where you felt really present, completely there in the moment? To me this is the ultimate state, the art of being present, the state of being  in complete flow. When we are in states such as this, everything we do flows much  easier as we express ourselves freely without limitation. As Ekhart Tolle states;

"When you lose touch with your inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world."

By allowing ourselves to be in the state of presence more often we can become healthier and happier with ease. When we are truly present, all tension is let go of and fear and worry do not exist.

The next time you do find yourself becoming fearful or stressed; try simply bringing yourself back to now, feel the presence of your body, focus on what you can see and hear. Find yourself absorbing everything and simply noticing what is here and now. By doing so you will quickly regain your focus and clarity of mind, this simple exercise allows you to really be here and now completely  and the longer we can maintain this state the better for our overall health and wellbeing.

You may have some activities in your life that have this effect consistently on you already, I personally find that exercise is great for this. Try if you can to have more of these activities within your day and week and see the benefits you will gain from doing so.

To find out more about coaching and techniques in mindfulness and other health and wellness practices , you can contact me via the form below where I can get back to you with some further information.

Thank you, Miranda.

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Finding Meaning and Purpose

meaning and purpose

Finding meaning and purpose is considered to be essential for our overall health and happiness and many great books have been written on this topic. Essentially if we do anything that lacks meaning and purpose to ourselves personally, we will be unfulfilled and subsequently become unhappy.

It is not always the activity that we are doing that is the challenge, but the meaning and purpose we're are giving to it. If it lacks enough meaning to us then we simply won't be motivated to do it or be fulfilled in doing so. Meaning and purpose is highly personal and unique to each individual as it is linked to our overall value system (in how important we rate certain areas of our life).

What this means is if we are doing tasks that don't rate highly on our value system and also lack much meaning or purpose to us, this will then make us feel like we 'have to do it.' Not a good recipe for motivation at all.

So can you  find more meaning and purpose in those activities you currently  do that are currently lacking in it?

In short the answer is yes you can. You can find more meaning and purpose in pretty much anything once you know what is most important to you and begin applying it to the necessary tasks you  need to do. Another easy way of achieving meaning and purpose is to of course fill your life with more of the things you already find personally fulfilling and meaningful.

Too often we unintentionally fill our lives with mundane activities that lack much meaning and purpose in order to just to fill time. Or it could be that within the various activities we do daily that we do not look for the meaning and purpose that can be found within them. Our focus can then be elsewhere and not in the actual moment,this is another unfortunate side-effect of having too many unfulfilling activities in our lives.We can become in a state of wanting, waiting for time to pass and not being in the here and now.

"Attention shapes the self and is in turn shaped by it." ~ Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi

Every moment we have is precious, but whenever we are waiting for time to pass we waste each precious moment we are in. So how can we find more meaning and purpose in our everyday lives? The following tips offer some guidance on how we can do this more effectively;

  1. Match the task to your values -Find out what your highest values are and match the tasks you do more often to these. Once you discover your most important values, you can define most tasks to fit these.
  2. The power of focus - when you are doing any activity, being aware of what you are focusing on is extremely important. If your focus is on a part of the activity that is meaningless to you then you will be far less likely to enjoy it than if you find something you enjoy about it and bring your focus on to this instead.
  3. Being in the moment - when we are focused too much on an end result (weight loss for example) we can miss out on all the joy of the moment, of the process you are  in. If you are focused on the end result this can seem too far away to have much immediate importance to you. When in this situation, ask yourself; what meaning can I gain from it now, or what is my  driving force? There's is a lot of meaning to find in just being present.
  4. Fill your time with more tasks you already find fulfilling - This seems  obvious but unfortunately so many of us don't do this. We spend time in jobs we don't like, in mindless tasks and maybe find  the time to do something we personally enjoy at the weekend. Make time for the things you enjoy.
  5. Set goals - The pure act of setting goals gives activities more meaning and purpose simply because you know why you are doing them and if set well they are track-able and manageable. Making activities  just challenging enough, but also achievable.

What if you could find a way to make every day and every activity more enjoyable , to fill each day with more meaning and purpose? Fortunately you can.

If you would like to find out more  about how you can bring more meaning and purpose in to everyday, particularly for your health goals, please contact me below to arrange your free initial coaching session.

Thank you,

Wishing you the all best in health and happiness,


"Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. One must have a reason to be happy." ~ Victor Frankl

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The Health Benefits of Gratitude

gratitude focus

Gratitude is so important to us for our health and happiness, it has the power to change everything, our whole lives even.

Here's why;

  • Being grateful shifts out focus entirely from focusing on what we want and don't have to what we have and are deeply grateful for.
  • The more we practice gratitude the more we notice we have to be grateful for and develop joyful feelings of appreciation.
  • By realising how much we have, we can become more giving and open to others.
  • Gratitude brings us back to the now, it allows us to focus on what we have here and now rather than what we wish to have.
  • Being grateful makes us feel good and when practiced regularly helps to benefit our overall emotional health.

If practicing gratitude isn't something you currently do actively then I would highly recommend giving it a try to see how much it can improve your life and daily outlook. You can start by just setting up a simple practice to spend a few minutes everyday to focus on all you are grateful for.

If you can, keep a gratitude journal too where you can write down everyday all you are really grateful for. Really get in to the state of gratitude whilst doing it. By doing this you'll then have a journal of your best feel - good moments that you can go over in any time you may need a lift. Just doing this simple practice everyday can make a big difference.

If you can commit to doing this for 30 days you will notice a real shift in your mind-state. You will begin to feel more positive overall just from this one simple exercise that only takes a few minutes every day, a few minutes well worth committing to.

After doing this for 30 days you will have then built a daily habit and if you do experience great benefits from it, why not make it a more permanent  one. By becoming more grateful in our daily lives we can become more present, doing so  can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety significantly.

To discover more about the benefits of gratitude and other daily practices you can  include to improve your overall health and wellbeing, please get in touch below  to arrange a free initial coaching session. Thank you.

'The more we focus on all we have to be grateful for, the more we will have to be grateful for.  What we focus on expands, change your focus, change your life.'

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The Importance of Forgiveness


Why is forgiveness so important to us? This is something I've been learning on my own journey and so I wanted to share my experience of this with you today. I believe it to be something we have to be regularly aware of before the effects of holding on to something can adversely affect us in both our mind and body health.

I have found forgiveness to be something of  a connection between two people that even if no one says anything both are helped in some way. Its a process of letting go and enabling both ourselves and the other person to move on.

Without forgiveness we can remain stuck and even though the original event may be far in the past, a part of our heart still remains there. This means that for us we are unable to move forward and begin anew in each day in whatever we do and the relationships we have.

Forgiving someone doesn't mean we have to allow the person to hurt us again or that what they did was okay, it just means that we are allowing them and ourselves to move on. No person is perfect and yes some acts are extremely bad, but holding on to anger only hurts the individual holding it. As the famous quote states;

Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

It really is only us that gets hurt from holding onto bitterness and pain. Sometimes it can take someone else to make us aware of how we are holding on to something. Or we may become aware of it when we bring it in to a new relationship, but each time we hold on to something it is like closing off a part of ourselves. In forgiving we accept the imperfectness of others and so do the same for ourselves too.

Forgiveness is the way to open up more, and the bigger the forgiveness the more open and connected we can become. Sometimes we can hold on to even the small insignificant things that are meaningless in the whole scheme of life, like someone being rude to us in the supermarket for example, but who does it help to hold on to this?

Mostly all it takes is for us to understand where someone is coming from, to see what their perception may have been at the time. By doing this we are stepping out of our small self and extending compassion from our higher self instead. Once we let go, we set ourselves free from further unnecessary pain and open our hearts to connect more in the future.

Its important to remember that we are all connected and in holding on to resentment it carries a negative energy that hurts both ourselves and others around us even if its not directly about them. Often we can hold anger or resentment towards one person and take it out on somebody else unintentionally. By choosing to forgive we just let go and the situation no longer has any power over us.

Forgiveness is not about suppression of emotions but more about just letting them go and loving yourself. Actually expressing emotions through some healthy form such as arts, meditation or talking is helpful in this process. Give yourself the blessing of taking time to let go.

Everyone has a reason for doing the things they do and even if we can't understand it, we can learn to accept it. This can either take us years or we can choose to do it in the moment. By doing so it does not make you a martyr and you don't have accept the same in terms of treatment but you can set yourself free and move forward to have deeper and more meaningful relationships in the future.

This is all part of the journey were on and most importantly we have to be at our best so we can be there for others too. Looking after your own health and happiness has to come first and letting go is very beneficial in this.

Below is a useful meditation you can try if forgiveness is an area you wish to work on.Thank you for reading today. Please also share any of your own comments and experiences below, it would be great to hear from you. thank you <3

How to overcome health problems

 Self healing

The possibility of self healing could be seen as one of life's great mysteries yet it has been evidently proven in people's examples many times over. The question really is then, what do we choose to ultimately believe? For what we believe will affect the actions that we take and ultimately the effects that we then have.

What we choose to believe effects whether we choose to even attempt methods of self healing or not, we can only know the proof once we try. My personal experience is that yes it is very possible as well as absolutely transformative. It is through self healing I have managed to improve and ultimately transform my own health, all I needed was to be shown the right methods at the right time.

Today I wanted to do that for you but first here's a little bit on my story;

From a very young age I suffered with anxiety, which of course was very difficult. I would have panic attacks and find it difficult to sleep, the worst part I found was that I didn't know where any of it was coming from, it often seemed to have no cause. The cure for me came when I found both meditation and exercise without either I imagine I would be in a very different place to where I am now.

As I grew older I learnt that it was a case of learning to have control over my mind rather than it over me and this is what happened, by forming a consistent daily practice of Meditation and Exercise my life and mind-state transformed.

If you are struggling with any type of difficulty such as this or any illness that is limiting you from a life you want to live yourself then speaking from experience I would say do not limit yourself to methods you have only tried and known about so far.

Try out new and natural methods as well as what your doctor has advised you and you may find it as life changing as I did. Everything in our life can have value and something as difficult as an illness can bring value in helping us to find things that can lead to us transforming our whole lives.

To find out how you can do this to and set a plan in action you can book your free 30 minutes Skype consultation today by sending me your details below.  Begin to transform your health today.

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Are you being held back?


Break Free
Break free from the ties that are holding you back

Are you being held back from that which you really want?

The reality is many of us are doing this to ourselves, however our inner selves will always in some way seek out that which we need most whether we realise it or not. In some cases it may be something we think we really don't want and cant understand why this keeps coming up but the more this happens the more it becomes apparent that this is for a lesson or an awareness that is not yet learnt for us to achieve our goals.

Focus is always important but no matter how much we focus on something, if on a deeper level we really seek something else or really need to learn something else first, then this will always come up and above what we believe we are seeking.

This is what is really driving us and the most important thing is to be real with ourselves on a deeper level.  Until we do this we can be subconsciously and sometimes consciously self-sabotaging, making it harder to achieve the results we really want by causing inner conflict. None of us want to do this but it happens all the time, then we and those around us can suffer because we are not being real and truly aware from within ourselves.

Once we become aware of these deeper motivations , we can become more aligned to achieve our goals. The best way I have found to do this is through asking open questions and with meditation which then causes us to be more aware and reflective. This can be a journey in itself and the more reflective we become the more we can realise what it is we really seek and then go on to achieve our ultimate purpose and dreams.

If you think that inner conflict and self- sabotage is something that may be holding you back from that which you really want then please don't hesitate contact me. We can then arrange a free consultation to discuss how you can overcome this and go on to achieve your goals and dreams without being unnecessarily held back.

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Finding your True Self-Worth

Do you ever wish you could achieve more because you feel unhappy with where you are at in you life right now?

Or feel you are chasing the next big thing in order to become  happy?

Yet when we get there do these ever really equal happiness..?

Society today would seem largely to blame for this type of culture, however at the same time it is ultimately up to us if we choose to give in to such pressures or not, or whether we believe this is the right way to be to achieve happiness. We ultimately always have a choice and therefore also choose what defines us and who we really want to be.

Perhaps this pressure is unnecessary and damaging to our health and all we need to do is ask ourselves a different question, such as; Do I already have enough? Am I already enough or for what purpose do I seek more?

To grow as individuals in our learning and realisation process is a natural part of our life journey but all the external possessions and pressures do not necessarily have to be a part of this.

I have often found for either myself or clients that when in this mind-set of not having or being enough in the now it is largely only a cause of stress and a never ending one too.

The answers always lie within us; do you believe you are enough? Do you love yourself enough? Are you growing for yourself or to prove something to others? These are questions only we ourselves can answer through our own reflection and the following ways are also helpful too;

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Coaching

The first two are very important as we can reflect on our own lives in this way to achieve much more self-awareness and self worth. The third one of having a coach is also important because there are elements of ourselves that we alone can not always see and someone impartial and trained to do so such as a coach can help us to reflect upon these areas too.

Reaching a point of self-awareness and high self-worth through these processes ultimately brings about a state of peace and happiness which is what all of us are really searching for through all the external stuff. The paradox is often that once we reach this point more of the external stuff will then come too. If finding your true self- worth is something you recognise you need in your life and you would like more information on coaching for this area then you can contact me at or on 0793588505 for more information or to book a free Skype session. It would also be great to hear your views on this topic and your own experiences with self worth, feel free to share these too below.

'Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes.' ~Carl Jung~

Finding Your Flow

Finding flow through activity can be immensely powerful for allowing us to process emotions, experience openness, joy, presence and allowing us to move forward in our lives where we may have previously felt stuck or stressed. Expressing ourselves through other means of communication may not always be possible but to still be able to express ourselves is very important in avoiding repressed emotions that can potentially lead to health problems when left unexpressed.

Finding flow is not necessarily difficult; it is more just a matter of experimentation through experiencing different activities until you find the one that works for you which you can completely become one with. When you find it you will often know quite quickly because of this state of oneness you will experience, with some activities it can happen overtime once you feel more experienced. In some cases you can literally release emotions as you do the activity, or you may experience a release or feeling of relaxation after you have completed the activity itself.

It is essential within any activity you choose for flow that you enjoy what you are doing, as without enjoyment you will find it hard to reach this point, that said actually finding the activity you enjoy and finding flow through it is as easy as it can be. The beauty of flow is often that the activity will literally do the expression for you once you find an affinity with it.

 Five Steps to Finding your Flow  

Step 1- The Activity Finding your flow is all about finding the right activity for you and in many circumstances you are doing this already. Any activity where you experience complete enjoyment or oneness with it could be described as a flow experience. So thinking of these types of activities you may have already can help you to find further activities of expression or a way you can do so perhaps through these activities you already have. Some ideas of optimal flow activities would be;

  • Sport/Exercise
  • Painting/ Drawing
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Other art forms

Step 2 – Immersion Oftentimes it can be that we already have the idea or do the activity to some extent but we just may not have yet fully immersed ourselves in it or given it enough concentration to enable us to find our flow. Make the activity a priority to participate in regularly at least once a week and really immerse yourself it. This is the really easy part and you’ll most likely find yourself naturally wanting to do this when you find an activity that works for you.

Step 3 - Let go and Enjoy This is not so much a step as a process that ties in with that of immersion. The only part you have to play here within your conscious awareness is to let go of any problems and allow the activity to process it for you. For example on a minor scale if you have a problem you are mulling over to which you have been unable to come up with the solution, then going in to the gym and working it out physically can have the effect of allowing your mind to creatively come up with a solution, this is the flow process at work on a minor level. With something bigger however it works the same, it can sometimes just take a little longer to work through it.

Step 4 – Be the observer Whilst you are in the state of flow, you are in the zone and all your problems can dissipate. From this place you can then allow yourself to be the observer of anything that comes up and so allow it just flow through you. This is in effect like meditation, the key is to not judge what comes up and to allow it to just be, letting it flow through you. As Indira Gandhi stated, “Learn to be still in the midst of activity.”

Step 5 – Process & Progress The whole beauty of flow is once you have found the activity the works for you and have some form of goals set to achieve (even if at the beginning that is just to complete the session) then the process of flow will most often happen for you.

Then you are just allowing what has come up during the session to flow naturally and process itself, allowing the magic to happen for you. Attempting to judge or analyse can in effect interrupt the process of flow and your enjoyment of it. Once you continue on your path of flow you will naturally progress, it is important however to set yourself goals to prevent boredom setting in. As long as you feel slightly challenged and enjoy the process, this will remain a flow activity for you. You can always find new ones when you need to however.

Finding your flow will not only put you back in touch with your emotions but also enable you to reach the point of a higher state of being and experiencing of life. If you haven’t found it yet, seek to find your flow and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Most of all enjoy the journey :)

For more information on finding your flow or to arrange a free health coaching consultation you can contact me below. Thank you.

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Living at the Cause

What does it mean to live at the cause?  This is something of an experience and  a perspective in life that I would highly recommend taking on for more peace, productivity and creativity within life. The gap in perspective of both cause and effect can in reality seem so small and at the same time it is huge, cause and effect are in fact one, both created in a cyclical effect, as much of energy is. The main difference between them is where your focus is, whether it exists in the present or in the future, this is all it is just a change in perception, but that change in perception can create massive differences for yourself and others.

If you are an ambitious or success driven person as many of us are then it is easy to become absorbed in the level of effect and therefore push and stretch ourselves in the now to achieve where it is we want to be. This may seem perfectly fine but it is this space where fear, stress and worry often exist. At the cause all that exists is peace and intention, notice intention may be there but once focused it is let go of and the process is in faith. To hold on to it is to force or control and therefore mistrust in yourself, the process and be out of alignment with the present moment.

Although this  sounds deep it is a paradox again because it is in fact very simple when we see it in the now , all that exists in the now is already here and available to us, we only have to set ourselves towards and then trust. We do not hold on to the future because it is not here yet and our awareness is in the now solely and completely, then only we choose where our focus goes  and on which part of life we choose to allow it to.

The act of taking responsibility is another sole part of living at the cause because we are then choosing to live with complete awareness that 'I am living in the now and choosing which actions to take based on my intentions and my purpose, not with the past or the future'. You are the sole creator of your life and by living at the cause you are choosing to accept and acknowledge the power that exists within your life to live in this way. By looking to others to create our lives or blaming in anyway we then give this power away, not just the power of where we are now but the power that exists within us to create positive change.

The alternative looks more like this , if I am living at the effect I am relating to my environment as a separate entity to myself therefore I am reliant on it to provide me with what I need, this is also with others.' I am looking at what am I receiving, what exists in my life , what will I get for all this I am doing.' It may appear logical to think in this way but this is a discord as there we are ultimately  mistrusting the process and ourselves as creators existing in the here and now, that all want peace and happiness. This would be distrusting the process therefore creating discord between your focus/intention and the effect.

It is probably fair to suggest that many of us live at both levels and perhaps more often at the level of effect, focusing on where we want to go, where we want to be, what we need or don't have thus creating much of the stress and competition in society. It is also clear to see those who live solely at cause and therefore in the present moment fully aware of the energy of creation that exists within them, some clear examples would be Gandhi, The Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa ,  in fact any of the outstanding characters you can think of that have made or are making a huge difference in the world are doing this and have done this because they are living with the full awareness of their creational energy and they are living at the cause with their intention and full faith in themselves and the environment as one.

Ultimately living at the cause is where I aim to be in the now with the intention to make a positive difference to as many people as possible, I encourage you all to choose to live at the cause of your own lives and realise what amazing creators you really are. You are a creator and you can choose how to benefit this world today and everyday and make a real difference in this world, we all can in our own unique way, we all have gifts to give. If we choose to live at effect and ignore who we are and what we can do now however then we distrust in ourselves and the process therefore giving all this power away. Which do you choose?

Where focus goes energy flows ~ Tony Robbins