NLP and how it can help you

nlp coaching

If you have never heard of NLP you may wonder what exactly it is and how it can help you and even if you have heard of it you may have heard some contradictory or even negative ideas. This post will give you some more understanding as to what NLP actually is and how it may help you.

The name NLP is an abbreviation for Neuro Linguistic Programming, this Neuro meaning  mind or brain and how we think, Linguistic - for  how we use our language both internally and externaly and programming for how we program our minds to be at our most effective, some would also refer to this as conditioning or re-patterning of our thoughts feelings and habits.

With the right coach NLP is profoundly powerful in helping to assist long term changes for your highest benefit. NLP itself began by studying and modelling excellence and how  high achievers achieve what they do. It was found that through modelling the specific patterns of language and behaviour set out by highly successful predecessors you too can achieve the same if not far more. NLP then teaches a way of thinking where you have far greater control over your ability to be at your best most frequently.

A coach helps you to do this by working with you to see things differently so that you can overcome any past challenges and function at your best. This is done  using techniques that are highly effective in identifying  and using your already innate abilities through structuring your thought process in the most beneficial way to you.

The methods in NLP are conitnued from the following fields of Psychology;

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Family system therapy
  • Behavioural Psychology
  • General semantics
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Meta Model
  • Milton Model
  • Modern Hypnotherapy

As you can see from the above list NLP has a very extensive and well formed background and is therefore highly effective in achieving great results.

HOW IS YOUR MINDSET? message on the card shown by a woman

So just how can it help you?

NLP offers a long range of great solutions for challenges that affect  your everyday performance , some of which you may have suffered with for many years. NLP can help you resolve them often within just a few sessions, this can be less or more dependent on the nature of the challenge.

Below is a list of some of the main challenges that we can work on together and overcome using NLP;

  • Fears/ Phobias
  • Low confidence/ poor self-esteem
  • High performance
  • Organisation
  • Depression
  • Apathy
  • Achieving Goals
  • Clarity of mind/ focus

From experience of both receiving NLP coaching and  being  an NLP Coach myself I can verify to you how effective it really is. So much so I would go as far as to say its one of the best there is when it is used well. There are not many therapies out there that can offer such powerful transformations especially within a relatively short space of time.

If you'd like to find out more about how NLP can help you  specifically, then please do book in for a 30 minute consultation below where we can discuss together your needs and how you can be at your best consistently.

Please also share this post if you know someone it may help today,

Thank you


'Health is the real wealth'

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The Benefits of Coaching

I recognise that many of you may not know much about  coaching and its many great benefits for your health and life. So  for this post will explore some of the benefits of coaching and how it can help you. Whatever your goals may be for your health and life, I can promise you without a doubt that achieving them will come much quicker and easier when you have a coach.

Firstly you may ask why would you want to have a coach..?  The short answer is that everyone can benefit from having a coach by being able to achieve their goals and advancing life forward to break away from the struggles that have been holding them back so far. More specifically it can be; when you are stuck at a certain point, making changes in your life, wanting to build your confidence in achieving your goals, need that extra push and encouragement to push beyond your current circumstances, and more.

Without having a coach we can easily stay stuck in our comfort zone, especially if we are not surrounded by people who push us to achieve our goals. This means that life can easily become stagnant and boring and most of all you will not achieve your full potential. A coach has the ability to guide you beyond this because they are trained with an array of tools and techniques to help you do so. They also have that necessary external perspective to see that which you cannot see which could have been holding you back so far. The following ways are some of the main benefits you can gain from having a coach.


 5 main ways coaching can benefit you;

  1. Coaches you to become more goal focused - When having regular coaching sessions you will naturally become more goal focused. Focusing on where you are going, on moving forwards and towards achieving your goals.
  2. By having an external perspective a coach can help you to become aware of any barriers that may be holding you back from achieving your goal. Often you may not be aware of these and how much they're holding you back until a coach identifies them through the coaching process.
  3. A coach can give you proven methods for success based on a unique approach that will work specifically well for you. Each of us view the world differently and so approach our goals based on this, by  working closely with you a coach can identify what works best for you so you can achieve the results you are looking for.
  4. Discover new skills and strengths that you may not have realised you had and learn to use these in the best way possible to achieve optimum results.
  5. Reach your potential by focusing on your strengths and being there as a guide and support until you reach you destination, or for as long as you may need this guidance and support.

The above are just 5 benefits you can gain from coaching, of which there are many. The best way you can know of course is to experience these benefits for yourself, so for your confidence in the power of coaching, I offer you a first session for free. Specialising in the are area of health improvement, including overcoming fears/phobias if this is something you wish to do.

If coaching sound like it is something for you and that you would like to benefit from, please send me a message below where we can arrange your free coaching session and begin on your journey to ultimate health and success.

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Empowering Belief Systems

empowering belief systems

We all have goals or things we would like to achieve in life but the question is do we really believe them to be possible, and if not why not?  What if we knew that no matter what we want to achieve that it is possible and without doubt we  can make it happen? What if you could choose empowering belief systems that support every goal or decision you ever make?

When you choose or create empowering beliefs to support your goals, the certainty created within you allows for the journey to become much easier as you seek out opportunities and all that supports your new empowering beliefs. As Buddha Stated;

'It is with our thoughts that we create our world'

Ultimately this transmits in to our belief system. Without a belief that supports the achievement of your goal(s) the journey can appear far more difficult or you may not even attempt it at all if your beliefs are very self-defeating.

The great thing is we don't have to accept the belief systems we have had up until now. We can choose our belief systems, so that they do become ones that support our goals and dreams.

empowering belief systems

How can you know what your current belief system is?

To discover your current belief system in any area just takes a little bit of self reflection,  you can do this by looking at any area in your life and the results you currently have.  In addition to this the actions that you are taking, you can then begin to determine your belief system around it. You may already be very aware of the belief system you have in certain areas but perhaps not know how to change it or have thought it possible to do so.

Changing your current belief system

Changing your current belief system can sometimes be as simple as making the decision to change it, once you have become conscious of your self-defeating belief you are in  a good position to do so. When you make this choice  as long as you back it up with consistent action to create evidence for your new belief, then you will successfully change it, choosing empowering belief systems can really be this simple. If however your past limiting belief system goes a little deeper and has more background attached to it, it can be a little more complex to change. This is where having a coach or facilitator can really make a difference.

There are specific techniques within the field of coaching that facilitate this process so that you become so aligned with your new belief that the effects come almost immediately. When I first discovered this it was a real life changer for me, I had always known the power of belief but knowing that it is literally possible to achieve anything and that you can align yourself to support this in every way opens up a whole new world for you.

There is no reason why any of us should choose to accept limiting beliefs or limiting lives for ourselves and once we realise we have been doing this, for our own happiness it is then our choice and responsibility to change it. The only thing that can stop us is ourselves.

To find out more about how you can transform self-defeating belief patterns in to empowering ones please send me a message below where you can arrange a free initial coaching session.

Thank you for reading today, please share too if you enjoyed.

Wishing you all the best  in Health  and Happiness,


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How to track fitness progress


Knowing how to track fitness progress is essential for making our fitness goals manageable and achievable. Many of you may already be following a health and fitness plan or exercising regularly but how can you be sure your making the right progress or are you measuring at all?

It is common to fall short on this, which means we can miss out on the vital changes we need to make or on knowing when to make them. Keeping track of our progress can be simple, it is also essential for staying motivated and progressing at the correct rate.

Without doing this a few things can happen; either we stay stuck where we are for a long time and become bored, or we not sure of our current levels so overdo it too quickly.

One of the easiest ways to ensure this doesn't happen and  you are progressing at the correct rate is to get your own trainer.

Other methods to adequately track progress are;

  • Keeping a workout plan; The gym always recommend these for good reason, so that we can track and record our progress each week, then we are able to see clear consistent progress. With a good trainer, your programme will also be updated regularly.
  • Keeping your own workout diary; This requires some personal health and fitness knowledge at a good enough level to know what it is you need to do. If you are at this level then keeping a workout diary can really help add motivation and momentum to your training once you see that you are consistently advancing and improving.
  • Fitness apps; There are also many fitness apps now available that are designed to help you record and track your progress.

If you are tracking your own progress, some important things to be aware of are;

  1. Don't overdo it - It's important to push beyond our comfort zone but when we don't know our limits or have a tendency to go too far, we can overdo it. Then we can end up setting ourselves back through either injuring ourselves or purely going too far. The best way forward is through gradual progress, always listen to your body.
  2. Know what your looking for- Know what your measuring and how your doing this i.e. by the distance you cover each week or by improvement in technique for your sport. There are many things you can measure by, which will all depend on your goal.
  3. Have a measuring system -  if you are planning your own workout, be sure to set yourself target points of where you expect to be by the end of each month, this way you can accurately track how much you need to adapt in order to reach your overall target
  4. Reward yourself - Be sure to reward yourself regularly when you do make progress. Celebrate in anyway you can - one that of course doesn't hamper all your hard earned progress :)

how to track fitness progress

If you find it difficult to measure your own progress or even knowing where to begin then I offer unique health and fitness programmes that will equip you with all the right methods to enable you to progress adequately and consistency.

In doing so you can then reach your overall goal at a good pace that maintains your motivation. By focusing on the most important steps and having the right methods to overcoming any previous barriers. Then achieving your health and fitness goals will not only become easier but also much more enjoyable.

To find out more about how you can make this happen, please send me a quick message below to arrange a free no-obligation chat where we can discuss your health goals and needs.

Thank you


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Facing Fears

Facing Fears

Facing fears is something many of us can or have struggled with, some of us may even just avoid doing anything scary by staying well within our comfort zone. However by doing this we are effectively limiting our life and preventing ourselves from having any new and exciting experiences. Instead we allow fear to be the one in control of our lives, deciding what we can or can't do. The question then becomes, is this what we really want for ourselves??

The easiest way to discover this is to simply ask yourself what you really want;  to begin, write down all the things you really want to do, be or have and then ask what is it if anything that is or could be stopping you? If any of the reasons are due to fear, which it more  often is what stops us from doing what we really want to do, then the good news is, you don't have to allow fear to stop you any longer.

I can however completely understand  how it can feel this way, sometimes fear can appear to be a huge barrier to us and actually when we begin to realise that it is far easier to face than we imagined it to be, we can then see that fear, like most barriers exists only in the mind. What happens is that we can attach the feeling of fear to something external. There are many reasons why this can happen and sometimes we do need to unwire the original cause to be able to move forward from it, however it is very possible to do so and far easier than we might think.

For fears that are not  so complex they can of course be overcome even easier, some simple methods for doing so would be;

  1. Just going for it ( feel the fear and do it anyway)
  2. Using Relaxation & Visualisation
  3. Tapping (EFT)

All of the above as well as other methods I use in coaching can be used to overcome the initial effects of fear and how this can make us feel when we approach something outside of our comfort zone. The first one of just going for it is a method I've personally used and still do after reading Susan Jeffers book, 'Feel the Fear and do it Anyway' when I was much younger. A book I would highly recommend.

This made a big difference to me as before then fear held most of the control in my life. By deciding to feel the fear and do it anyway with the things that I wanted to do, I then took my power back and opened up a whole new world of adventure.

I now coach and help others to do the same using methods that work very quickly to enable you to overcome any fear, no matter what. So that you can go on to achieve what you want to achieve and live the life you dream of.

For today only I'm offering a half price discount on the  'Overcome your fear package'. This includes;

  • An initial consultation,
  • Your full session, in which  we take as long as you need to fully banish the fear.
  • Your follow-up session where we fully test out the past fear and plan for your future success.

As a special black Friday to fully banish those limiting fears, I'm offering this package at a half price of only £150

Based on average sessions of 1-2 hours, that's up to 6 hours of my time for only £150.00!!

To make this offer even better I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results, so you have nothing to lose, except your fears :)

If you are interested in taking up this offer today and would like to find out more, please send me a message below.

Thank you,


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Anything is Possible

Being just over half way in the 30 day blogging challenge now, I wanted to share something with you that happened last  time I took on this challenge back in April this year. Very unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, in the early stages of my last blogging challenge broke my right wrist :-/ . As you can imagine this made it quiet difficult for me to continue with the blogging challenge Instead it gave me a different challenge, one with my wrist, a challenge to prove that anything is possible.

I decided to use the experience of breaking my wrist positively as proof in how the power of positive thinking, as well as other methods can improve recovery time. I then tracked this in a few videos that I've added below. This kind of experience however was not new for me as is something I've had experience in professionally and personally on different levels. So this although a bit frustrating at the times, in my mind it was fairly easy to overcome. This is because the power of our thinking, our decisions always comes first

This is one important thing I coach on, that everything starts in our mind. You must believe something is possible and decide to make it happen and then you can. When you have enough conviction in something and the right methods,  truly anything is possible.

The common time for recovery of a broken wrist is 6-8 weeks, I managed to get the cast off in 5! Even the doctors and other hospital staff couldn't believe it. Not only this but initially it was  thought I would have to have surgery to re-adjust the bone, where I would have had to have metal of some sort holding it in place. After the first two weeks of X-rays, they also decided this would not be necessary.

For me this was a huge victory and also a relief as I didn't really want surgery and especially not any metal pins, if I could avoid it. Fortunately I managed to achieve all I set out to do and now my wrist is well recovered and back to normal again. More than anything though this particular challenge gave me the opportunity to prove what I already knew to be possible and true, and the knowledge enough to track the progress in advance.

The videos are now available for anyone to view as proof of what is possible with the power of positivity and belief. So anyone who is  or finds their self in this or any similar situation can also prove the same. We never have to allow unforeseen circumstances to get us down. There is always a way you can turn anything around and find the positive within it to use it to your advantage. Just believe you can.

Please check out some of the videos  below of my wrist recovery journey, the last one of my cast being sawn off  is of some amusing quality, complete with my elative joyous grin :) Please also share this post if you find it inspirational in any way and that also may be of help to someone you know. Thank you for reading today.

Wishing you the best in Health and Happiness,


"Anything is possible as long as you believe it to be."

Finding Meaning and Purpose

meaning and purpose

Finding meaning and purpose is considered to be essential for our overall health and happiness and many great books have been written on this topic. Essentially if we do anything that lacks meaning and purpose to ourselves personally, we will be unfulfilled and subsequently become unhappy.

It is not always the activity that we are doing that is the challenge, but the meaning and purpose we're are giving to it. If it lacks enough meaning to us then we simply won't be motivated to do it or be fulfilled in doing so. Meaning and purpose is highly personal and unique to each individual as it is linked to our overall value system (in how important we rate certain areas of our life).

What this means is if we are doing tasks that don't rate highly on our value system and also lack much meaning or purpose to us, this will then make us feel like we 'have to do it.' Not a good recipe for motivation at all.

So can you  find more meaning and purpose in those activities you currently  do that are currently lacking in it?

In short the answer is yes you can. You can find more meaning and purpose in pretty much anything once you know what is most important to you and begin applying it to the necessary tasks you  need to do. Another easy way of achieving meaning and purpose is to of course fill your life with more of the things you already find personally fulfilling and meaningful.

Too often we unintentionally fill our lives with mundane activities that lack much meaning and purpose in order to just to fill time. Or it could be that within the various activities we do daily that we do not look for the meaning and purpose that can be found within them. Our focus can then be elsewhere and not in the actual moment,this is another unfortunate side-effect of having too many unfulfilling activities in our lives.We can become in a state of wanting, waiting for time to pass and not being in the here and now.

"Attention shapes the self and is in turn shaped by it." ~ Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi

Every moment we have is precious, but whenever we are waiting for time to pass we waste each precious moment we are in. So how can we find more meaning and purpose in our everyday lives? The following tips offer some guidance on how we can do this more effectively;

  1. Match the task to your values -Find out what your highest values are and match the tasks you do more often to these. Once you discover your most important values, you can define most tasks to fit these.
  2. The power of focus - when you are doing any activity, being aware of what you are focusing on is extremely important. If your focus is on a part of the activity that is meaningless to you then you will be far less likely to enjoy it than if you find something you enjoy about it and bring your focus on to this instead.
  3. Being in the moment - when we are focused too much on an end result (weight loss for example) we can miss out on all the joy of the moment, of the process you are  in. If you are focused on the end result this can seem too far away to have much immediate importance to you. When in this situation, ask yourself; what meaning can I gain from it now, or what is my  driving force? There's is a lot of meaning to find in just being present.
  4. Fill your time with more tasks you already find fulfilling - This seems  obvious but unfortunately so many of us don't do this. We spend time in jobs we don't like, in mindless tasks and maybe find  the time to do something we personally enjoy at the weekend. Make time for the things you enjoy.
  5. Set goals - The pure act of setting goals gives activities more meaning and purpose simply because you know why you are doing them and if set well they are track-able and manageable. Making activities  just challenging enough, but also achievable.

What if you could find a way to make every day and every activity more enjoyable , to fill each day with more meaning and purpose? Fortunately you can.

If you would like to find out more  about how you can bring more meaning and purpose in to everyday, particularly for your health goals, please contact me below to arrange your free initial coaching session.

Thank you,

Wishing you the all best in health and happiness,


"Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. One must have a reason to be happy." ~ Victor Frankl

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Taking Responsibility in Life and Health

Taking full responsibility

What or who colours your world? Do you choose to allow the environment and others to have the most influence over what you think and do or do you choose to take responsibility for your life and health? Taking responsibility is one of the best life choices we can make, it can transform everything.

This one simple choice of deciding to take full responsibility for your life and health can take you from a place of being a victim of circumstance, to one of the sole victor and influencer of your life. It can be easy to believe that we are subject to our environment if we have been conditioned to think this way but it can also be just as simple to change this. If you believe that you are subject to your environment and circumstances, just begin by thinking how  your life could be different if you knew you were the one in charge, what would you do differently?

By doing this you decide how you respond and what you choose to create, it puts you at the cause of your life. The great news is that you are the one in charge for as long as you choose to be, otherwise it can be easy to become subject to influence because of effectively handing over your choices to the environment and others. However when we make a conscious choice and belief that we are the one in charge, then it is us that takes all the control back and our actions subsequently become very different.

We are then more empowered and more certain in ourselves, knowing that ultimately it is only us that decides what we will do and choose to create. By choosing to believe you alone are the master of your fate, you will begin knowing that no matter what you can make your outcome the way you want it to be and that only you decide what actions to take and what any situation ultimately means. To take such a stance in your life, I can promise is one of the best things you can do for your health and happiness.

By taking full responsibility you are the one who has the power and so you can find what best meets your needs and work for you, choosing on what makes you feel healthiest and happiest. This is not to say we don't take  support and guidance from others of course, but just that you are the ultimate influencer on what you choose to do. By doing this you will also search out and find far more options and possibilities than you may otherwise have done.

For your health for example there are many options and it is  you who knows yourself better than anyone. Speaking from personal experience if I had not have done this and had just accepted circumstances I know I would not have found for my own health all the methods that worked so well for me and that I can now teach to others. Always remember you have a choice and the most important choice you can make is that you are the ultimate director in your life, no matter what happens or others say and do.

To find out more about how you can develop life changing belief systems and achieve your goals and dreams, then please send me a message below. Thank you and enjoy discovering new possibilities :)

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility for our future." ~ George Bernard Shaw

5 Steps to Overcoming Setbacks

Overcoming setbacks
'Every obstacle is there to help us grow , to be turned in to ally that will help us achieve our goal.'

Overcoming setbacks can be an integral part of the journey towards achieving any goal in life. Although we may not want to expect these, to not know what to do when were hit by one can make it all the more challenging.

By using certain techniques and skills you can instead align yourself with your highest potential for overcoming setbacks and then using them to your advantage. The following 5 steps are what I personally recommend as most useful in overcoming any setback.

5 steps for overcoming setbacks;

  1. Have a belief that you will overcome it - Sometimes a setback can feel like defeat but ultimately it comes down to what we choose to perceive and believe. We can either choose to see it as defeat or we can choose to see it as feedback in the form of how we can improve and what we need to focus on. By changing our focus in this way we then empower ourselves with a different belief, knowing that we can not only overcome this setback but use it as an experience to grow from.
  2. Have a strong enough reason why - With a strong enough reason why, we will always find the passion and motivation to overcome any setback no matter how challenging it may be. Find your reason why and you will always find the way how.
  3. Form a new plan for your success - When we've learnt what doesn't work we can adapt our plan towards achieving our goal and include what we may have missed out before. For example, years ago after I had dislocated my knee in training I realised that I could prevent this happening again and further improve my training by including new leg exercises and not as much stretching. By realising this and including it in my plan I improved my chances of achieving my overall goal and had better all round health and fitness.
  4. Build Momentum - Often when we have a setback towards any goal we can become frustrated or lose our focus, however this can easily be built back up. Once you have your plan, your reason why and the belief that you can do it, it's literally just a case of rebuilding your momentum just with a slightly different focus. Once you are taking consistent action towards your goal you will soon find yourself back on track and fully motivated again.
  5. Have a good support system -Surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us and are supportive is essential when were working towards any important goal(s). If you find that you have people that are pulling you down this will make it a lot more challenging to achieve success, so always seek to find people who support you. Having a coach/mentor is also invaluable here as they will always be there to pull you up in any tough moments, to guide you, encourage you and celebrate with you too.

The most important thing to remember in any setback is that it is only temporary. Everything changes and adapts and as long as were willing to learn and grow in accordance with any setback whilst staying focused on our goal, then we are sure to achieve it. From there any setback will no longer be a setback but a valuable learning experience that you are glad you had.

"Strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender that is strength." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

If you would like support and guidance through coaching  in overcoming any setback and achieving you goals then please send me a message below, where we can discuss you journey to success. Thank you for reading today,

Wishing you the best in health and happiness,


How to be more Motivated


Are you motivated to achieve your goals?
Are you motivated to achieve your goals?

We can often think of Motivation in terms of something that is fixed, ie' I'm either motivated by this or I'm not', however in the world of coaching and NLP it's seen slightly differently.

With certain coaching methods  you can take something your not motivated by and quiet quickly change it in to something that does motivated you. This is due to how we represent something in our minds and the meaning we  give to it, by simply changing the representation we can change our level of motivation towards it.

Once you are coming from a different reference point you are then motivated to take action which once you do, you then only need to gain momentum by continuing.

Often the hardest part in achieving any goal is simply beginning, we then only need to form the habit, this would be the next stage. As Jim Rohn stated 'Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.'

A simple trick in getting started is just recognising and changing where your focus is. Here is one method you can try;

Begin by thinking of something you have been struggling to get motivated to do, such as washing the car for example, or you can use anything else you wish..

Then think to yourself what is it about this that I'm focusing on right now? Maybe it is how large the task seems, or that it seems boring? Think of just one thing that really puts you off doing it.

Once you have identified this you can then begin to work on changing it. For example if you view the task of washing a car as boring, what are some ways in which you could make it more fun? Perhaps having some music going at the same time (be careful not to get your mp3 player soaked though 😉 , or maybe you could get the kids involved in making it a family activity.

What are some other ways you could make it fun?  Brainstorm it and see what appears most motivating to you and makes you want to take action. You will know what it is when you start  to feel like you want to take action.

The most important thing is recognising where our focus is going and in knowing that we can change it, so that the task we previously needed to do but found boring now becomes fun and gets done :).

To find out how you can become more motivated on a consistent basis for all your important goals, please send me a brief message below outlining what you'd like to achieve and I 'll get back to you as soon as possible so we can discuss your coaching options.

Thank you for reading, please leave any comments or questions you have below. I hope you find the above tip useful in getting an important task done today. Enjoy :)

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