10 health and fitness lessons for life

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Having worked in the area of Health and Fitness for the last 10 years and being a fanatic for slightly longer, today I'd like to share with you some of the most important lessons I've learnt from a life dedicated to health and fitness.

Here are my Top 10.

1. Gratitude - I value my health so much because I know what it's like to be without it. More than anything I recognise that without health I could do little else, so I always make focusing on my health a priority and give thanks for it everyday.

"If we value our health and make it a priority then every other area of our life will improve as well."

2. Constant and Never Ending Improvement - Focusing on Health and Fitness has taught me the importance of always striving for more. This is not because where I am is not enough but because our bodies are capable of so much, so why not use the gift we've been given to the best of it's ability.

3. To focus on strengths - We all have our inherent strengths and weaknesses, many of our weaknesses can be overcome and some maybe not. However when we focus on our strengths it more often makes up for any weaknesses and we can then go on to turn a previous weakness in to a unique advantage.

4. To always have motivating goals - Having goals is what drives us to grow and improve and so in turn keeps us motivated. A dedication to health and fitness has taught me how valuable having goals is in staying focused and in always moving forward.

5. The value of coaches / mentors - As well as now being a coach, I have always had a coach myself for some element of growth. A coach/ mentor can see that which we can not see, even if we're at a very advanced level, this is why all the best athletes and sports players have a coach. I know for certain I would not have achieved much of what I have without the amazing coaches and mentors I've had and for this I'm forever grateful to them.

6. Every difficulty can be an opportunity - Throughout my time in Health and Fitness I've had various setbacks in one form or another, several of them being severe injuries. These were not easy to deal with at the time, however each experience also taught me something far more valuable that I needed to learn at the time and gave me a strength that I would not otherwise have.

"With every setback there can always be a stronger comeback."

7. Mind over Matter - More than anything in fitness I've learnt that the focus of my mind matters most and no matter how difficult the goal may be, if I believe I can do it, then I will no matter what it takes.

8. If we don't progress, we regress - Every person who exercises regularly will understand this; that if we stop exercising even for just a couple of weeks, we will slip back. Because of this it's important to always continue and stay focused to both maintain and  improve our results.

9. Nothing can stop me, but me - Even if I have the best coach in the world it is still me that has to stay focused and keep moving forward. It is ourselves alone that can choose to be our own best motivator or own worst doubter ,  and it really does come down to which one we choose to focus on, to listen to  and encourage.

10. The importance of balance - As much as I love health and fitness I have also learnt the importance of balance. This is in all things health and fitness, from our training programmes to our diet plan. If we go too far with any thing it can be detrimental to us and our health, thus wasting all our previous efforts. So balance in all things is always the way forward for both continuous  progress and maintenance of good health.

All of the above lessons have been valuable to me and apply not only in health and fitness training but also for many other areas of life. These principles as well as others are also contained and gained in the programmes offered with Mirala Health because of their importance and assistance for you in achieving all of your goals.

For more information on our health and wellness programmes you can contact me via the form below. Thank you for reading today.

Wishing you all the best in health and happiness,


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Are you drinking enough water?

Chronic Dehydration

Could you be chronically dehydrated?

Many of us can be suffering from this and do not even realise it, the results of which show up as the following symptoms;

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Prolonged muscle pain
  • Poor digestion
  • Low moods

The above symptoms as well as many others can actually be a result of and certainly increased by chronic dehydration, there are theories that actually suggest that we can cure any ailment within the body through proper hydration.

One main researcher in to this area is Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, he wrote a book on the topic called The bodie's many cries for water

I have seen this simple technique help many people as well as myself to overcome fatigue, muscle pains, allergies and more. It is almost hard to believe that something so simple can be at the root of many of these ailments but because of the fast paced society we are now in many of us just simply don't take in the amount of water for our bodies really need. This then has the effect of knocks our system out of balance, leading to the above illnesses.

This is because water is essential to all our body systems to function properly, it is needed for carrying nutrients to cells, for flushing out toxins and in short for everything to just function as it should. When the body is deprived of water, a water rationing system then takes place, histamine is then released and redistributes water throughout the body ensuring all vital areas receive enough water. However with chronic dehydration histamine then becomes excessively active leading to headaches, fatigue, pains, poor digestion, allergies and more.

As a society many of us can become chronically dehydrated because of eating too much salty and  processed food, drinking caffeinated and fizzy drinks and not enough water and high value nutrient content food. This then leads us in to a situation where we just become used to feeling sluggish or worse, even though it is far from our optimal state. We may not even notice anything is wrong until we get the symptoms outlined above, which then get treated rather than the initial cause.

This may sound really oversimplified but I urge you to try drinking more water to see what a difference it can make, take back control of your health and vitality. As a recommendation, 2 litres a day is absolute minimum and depending on the amount of physical activity you do, I would increase this up to 3 litres per day.

It is important of course to listen to your doctors advice regarding your health symptoms, however adding more water and water content foods to your diet can only benefit you and therefore help you to be clearer on the root of your difficulty. This one simple thing could make all the difference to your health.

For more advice or info on this and other dietary information please contact me via the form below

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Superfoods for Super Health

Superfoods and Super-eating provide us with natural sources of ultimate remedies and preventions to many ills, many may be described as natures true medicine. By adding these magical foods to your diet you can get a lot more nutrients than you may otherwise get.

So can super- foods and super eating really benefit you and is it worth applying it consistently to your diet?

Today I'll offer you some simple information on how you can improve your health through adding these foods to your diet more consistently, then you can judge the super effect for yourself :)

15 main super-foods;

  • Beans
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Oats
  • Oranges
  • Pumpkin
  • Salmon
  • Soy
  • Spinach
  • Tea (green or black)
  • Tomatoes
  • Turkey
  • Walnuts
  • Yogurt
  • Dark Chocolate

These super-foods will help you to fight disease, maintain a healthy weight and potentially live longer too. When adding these to your diet  the most important thing is that you make sure they are in the most natural and unprocessed form as possible.

The key elements that you get from these foods that make them so super are;

  • Antioxidants- can help to fight off free radicals, slow down the ageing process, lower your risk of cancer, lower cholesterol & blood pressure levels as well as to fight heart disease.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects- very important as inflammation is known to be a specific element of many diseases
  • Omega 3- helping to improve your memory & fight depression
  • Fibre - getting adequate dietary fibre helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer, maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Calcium - for maintaining strong bones and helping to prevent osteoporosis.

All 15 super-foods are the highest source of the above nutrients, therefore making our job of maintaining our health much easier when we choose to include these in our daily diet. Overall super-foods benefit us in the following ways with minimum effort and cost required.

  • Boosting your immune system - getting the right nutrients in adequate form is key in helping us to boost our immune system to maintain good health for both our bodies and minds
  • Improving  digestion - increases our energy levels and overall health
  • Greater energy levels
  • Maintaining heart health
  • Maintaining joint health
  • Maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails

With all these benefits it only seems common sense to add these to our diet consistently so that we can live at our best and highest potential whilst preventing ill health and potentially slowing down ageing. If there are some of these that you can't eat for any reason then including as many as you can will be sure to make a big enough difference.

Exercising and balancing your meals correctly are important elements to consider too but as far as getting important health boosting nutrients goes, the super-food approach could not be simpler.

Most important enjoy it, achieving optimum health & happiness can be and is fun too. Go be super :)


For further advice on forming healthy eating plans you can contact me at info@miralahealth.com or on 07936588505