NLP and how it can help you

nlp coaching

If you have never heard of NLP you may wonder what exactly it is and how it can help you and even if you have heard of it you may have heard some contradictory or even negative ideas. This post will give you some more understanding as to what NLP actually is and how it may help you.

The name NLP is an abbreviation for Neuro Linguistic Programming, this Neuro meaning  mind or brain and how we think, Linguistic - for  how we use our language both internally and externaly and programming for how we program our minds to be at our most effective, some would also refer to this as conditioning or re-patterning of our thoughts feelings and habits.

With the right coach NLP is profoundly powerful in helping to assist long term changes for your highest benefit. NLP itself began by studying and modelling excellence and how  high achievers achieve what they do. It was found that through modelling the specific patterns of language and behaviour set out by highly successful predecessors you too can achieve the same if not far more. NLP then teaches a way of thinking where you have far greater control over your ability to be at your best most frequently.

A coach helps you to do this by working with you to see things differently so that you can overcome any past challenges and function at your best. This is done  using techniques that are highly effective in identifying  and using your already innate abilities through structuring your thought process in the most beneficial way to you.

The methods in NLP are conitnued from the following fields of Psychology;

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Family system therapy
  • Behavioural Psychology
  • General semantics
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Meta Model
  • Milton Model
  • Modern Hypnotherapy

As you can see from the above list NLP has a very extensive and well formed background and is therefore highly effective in achieving great results.

HOW IS YOUR MINDSET? message on the card shown by a woman

So just how can it help you?

NLP offers a long range of great solutions for challenges that affect  your everyday performance , some of which you may have suffered with for many years. NLP can help you resolve them often within just a few sessions, this can be less or more dependent on the nature of the challenge.

Below is a list of some of the main challenges that we can work on together and overcome using NLP;

  • Fears/ Phobias
  • Low confidence/ poor self-esteem
  • High performance
  • Organisation
  • Depression
  • Apathy
  • Achieving Goals
  • Clarity of mind/ focus

From experience of both receiving NLP coaching and  being  an NLP Coach myself I can verify to you how effective it really is. So much so I would go as far as to say its one of the best there is when it is used well. There are not many therapies out there that can offer such powerful transformations especially within a relatively short space of time.

If you'd like to find out more about how NLP can help you  specifically, then please do book in for a 30 minute consultation below where we can discuss together your needs and how you can be at your best consistently.

Please also share this post if you know someone it may help today,

Thank you


'Health is the real wealth'

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Keeping a Gratitude Diary

writing journeys

Having started a new gratitude journal this year and doing so with my son, I wanted to share with you all today the benefits that you can  get from this activity, not just for yourself but for your whole family.

Too often and particularly at this time of year we can become very focused on the future , which can be healthy but not when  forgetting the importance of the present moment and in being grateful of all we already have. It is important for us to be aware of this  because becoming too future focused can potentially lead to stress if we feel we are not meeting all the demands we set for ourselves. This is where gratitude comes in. 

For complete health and happiness gratitude needs to become a daily and consistent focus for us. By doing this we become more present and appreciative of what we already have. The combination of gratitude and goal setting is actually how we achieve our ultimate state of being and living in flow. To understand more on  this please check out this great video below with Vishen Lakhiani on the concept of Flow.

When we are very forward focusing people we have to be wary of falling in to the stress trap of becoming too results focused and instead remember to focus on flow.  When we are in this state, it is one of the most beautiful states to be in,  gratitude is what helps to bring us back to this state. Gratitude will also work for you if you find your mind slips in to the past a lot and you become focused on what is missing in this way. By bringing your focus on to gratitude you will  automatically become present and the more you do this the better you will consistently feel.

Stress and anxiety are caused by over-thinking the future and what you feel you have to do, low mood on the other hand is caused by overthinking the past.  By bringing your focus here and now and on to all you have to be grateful for, you will begin to find yourself more at peace. Peace through presence is what naturally comes through being in the present moment and  practicing gratitude is one of the quickest way possible to do this.

In just over two weeks of keeping our gratitude diaries I am noticing great benefits already for me and my son, being more here and now and therefore happier in this moment and what could really be more important than this?

Please give the gratitude journal a try for yourself and see how it can benefit your  life too. Then comment and let me know of your own experiences also in doing so or if you are already doing so too, it would be great to hear from you.

Gratitude and Blessings,

Miranda x

For more info on the benefits of a gratitude journal check out this great blog below too.

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life - The Change Blog Sun, 21 Dec 2008 00:00:00 -0800

A common method to develop the practice of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal, a concept that was made famous by Sarah Ban Breathnach's book “Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude ”. This exercise basically consists of writing down ...

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The Joy of Progress


"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Today is day 30 of my 30 day blogging challenge and I have to say  it has been very enjoyable  although a challenge too. Most specifically, this time the challenge for me was timing.  It's amazing how a lot of things can come up when you set yourself a challenge, although the joy of progress at the end of it is highly worth it.

It doesn't matter what the progress is, as long as progress is made, we will always feel the benefit. Sometimes progress takes longer than we'd like it to or may come in ways we least expect. Like the last time I took part in this challenge and got a broken wrist challenge instead :)

The best thing about any challenge however is when you reach the end and come out the other side looking at the progress you've made, there aren't many joys that are greater than this. We can often have set goals and then end up achieving far more than we ever thought we could or making progress in an area we never intended too. This is an added part of the joy of progress; because of following paths we haven't before, we end up finding treasures we would not have otherwise.

As were coming up to new year my recommendation anyone wanting to experience the joy of progress would be to take on and embrace any challenge that you can. It is never too early to begin,  in fact the best time to begin is always now. Goal setting and making progress is always something that needs to be consistent so it becomes a habit and not just for new year. If we allow it to become a habit then we are always moving forward and improving in every way we can.

If progressing and turning a healthy life change in to a habit is something you'd like to do, then please do send me a message below to arrange your free 30 minute goal setting session and be prepared for some healthy transformations :)

Thank you for reading today and thank you to all who have joined in with supporting me on the 30 day blogging challenge.  Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to take part.

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5 Ways to Stay Healthier over Christmas

As we are all getting more in to the festive spirit I thought now would be a good opportunity to offer some advice on how to stay healthy over Christmas. Many of us will of course want to indulge a bit which is good in moderation too and also well deserved. However there are also ways in which we can maintain our focus on health and so avoid having to make up for too much over-indulgence.

Healthy Christmas

Here are 5 ways to stay healthier over Christmas;

  1. Maintain your fitness routine as much as possible - by maintaining our fitness routine right up to Christmas, we ensure that our metabolic rate stays high and we will then burn more calories over the Christmas period. Even on Christmas day/ boxing day you could get the whole family involved in a fun festive fitness session.
  2. Focus on the benefits of being with family and friends - Christmas is a time where we can spend quality time with family and friends which we may not often get the chance to do. When we focus on all the value of this and let go of any tension that may be there, we can then enjoy each others company in a way that really benefits our whole wellbeing.
  3. Plenty of fruits, vegetables and nuts -  Christmas is actually a time where there is an abundance of these foods available to us. This means that if we are wise about our choices we can actually increase our intake of essential vitamins and minerals as well as having some treats too
  4. The joy of giving - I really believe this is the true spirit of Christmas and that giving doesn't have to be in monetary value. It can be in time, support or any other form of contribution you are able to give. When we become focused on this side of  Christmas instead it becomes more warming and connected and less about the materialistic side , which can sometimes cloud the original spirit of Christmas.
  5. Taking time for you - For some of you Christmas may be the one time you really get to take time out from work and other demands. Use this time if you can to really take some personal time for you to relax and reflect on the past year and on how you benefit from all you have learnt. Give to you as well as others.

Overall Christmas can be a beautiful time but like many things it is our perception that gives us the best outcome. By choosing to focus on all that is good and how you can help and benefit others in this time, you also help yourself in improving your own wellbeing.

If like myself you find the consumerist side of Christmas a bit much, then you can choose not to focus on this. Instead you can choose to focus on helping others and all that is good and giving around Christmas time. It is the same with maintaining your health and fitness at this time, if you focus on ways you can maintain your health and increase your intake  of good nutrition, in addition to treating yourself, then any effects of over indulgence can be minimised and you won't have to work extra hard in the new year to burn it all off :)

Please do share this post if you know others who will benefit too.

For information on health coaching for over the Christmas period and/or for the new year please send me a message below. Thank you

Being Yourself Completely

How do we really know when we're are being ourselves and what does this look like for us? Being yourself completely is entirely subjective and only you will really know, although when you are others will pick up on it too. However the most important pointer I can give on this is how different you will feel when completely being yourself vs not doing so.

When you are being yourself completely in every way, it is freeing and without limits, you do not think of what others judgements about you  may be, you express yourself wholly and completely and in doing so free yourself and become completely present.

Although initially others close to you may object to you doing so, you are actually serving both them and you in your example of living without limits and truly expressing who you are. This can be a journey in itself and a daily practice of reminding yourself that you are important and worthy enough to completely be yourself and contribute all you have to give to the world, but it is worth every effort in doing so.

Without you being completely who you are in every way, everyone you know and will know in the future misses out on all of who you are and all that you have to contribute, which as the unique individual that you are is so much. To stay confined for fear of judgements or doubts that you are enough, is to waste your life and to not experience the flow of being true to you and everyone around you.

Don't allow yourself to miss out on this, no amount of fear or doubt is worth this limitation in your life and the right people will always be there when you are completely you, they will not only embrace you as you are but be encouraged to do the same too. Never allow others judgements to bring you down, because unknowingly in doing this the cycle continues.

Be bold and be you,  do what you love and express who you are completely , I promise you in doing so it will be worth all the effort in the world. Nothing or no-one is worth limiting yourself for, as long as you are doing so from a place of love and presence you will always be doing your best, and love, without exception always  includes yourself. Find the courage no matter what and you'll always find a way to follow the path that is yours and then many more benefits will open up before you.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you in to something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

For information on coaching for complete health and wellbeing, you can contact me via the form below.

Thank you,


Asking for Help

Asking for help

Are you the type of person who finds asking for help easy? Or like many of us, including myself struggle with this at times and the vulnerability that can come with it?

By not asking for help we are  effectively choosing to struggle on for longer and in many situations unnecessarily, when if we asked the right person at the right time we would find the solution.

The only way we can know this of course is by asking, and as the old saying goes, 'if we don't, ask we don't get.' I believe this to be true whether it be asking for help when we are struggling or asking in the sense of what we want to achieve in our life.

We are a collective species and when working together have a wealth of knowledge to share, so why do we so often struggle so much to ask  for help? Perhaps it's our need to feel independent or just the challenge of being vulnerable and opening up in this way, along with the fear that they may say no?

These fears can be challenging to overcome and the emotions are very real, however until we ask we will never know, so we also have nothing to lose in doing so. By asking and being real in asking for what we need, we in fact  only have more to gain. By being real in this way we increase our connectedness with others as well as encouraging others through our example to do the same.

My challenge to you this week  is to find the courage where you need to ask for whatever it is you want/need and to whoever it may be. See it as a fun challenge and share your success here in doing so. Let it be something you've been putting off for a while or something really important to you, and whatever your results, keep asking if you need to. This can also be in form of prayer too if you feel it's needed.

As is quoted  from the Holy Bible;

'Ask and it shall be given' - Matthew 7:7

Please also check out the below  Ted Talk  when you have time,  Amanda Palmer offers us some great inspiration from her own experience in the art of asking to help advance her career.

Thank you for reading today , I look forward to hearing your experiences from the week, Miranda.


Top 10 Bruce Lee Quotes

Bruce Lee Top 10 Quotes

Bruce Lee is a great inspiration to many of us in both fitness and life, as  his classic book states, he was an 'Artist of Life' as well as a great martial artist. Although it is difficult to identify just 10 quotes from the wealth of wisdom he left us , my top 10 Bruce lee quotes that I wanted to share with you today have to be the following;

Top 10 Bruce Lee Quotes

  1. " Remember success is a journey , not a destination, have faith in your ability you will do just fine."
  2. "To understand your fear, is the beginning of really seeing."
  3. "Always be yourself, express yourself have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it."
  4. "There are no limits, only plateaus and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."
  5. "I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine."
  6. "As you think, so you shall become."
  7. "Defeat is a state of mind, no one is defeated until defeat is accepted as reality."
  8. "Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water."
  9. "If you truly love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of."
  10. "To express yourself in freedom, you must die to everything of yesterday."

Bruce Lee has indeed left a legacy and shown us great wisdom in all areas of life. However what I believe to be most important from all he taught and what we can learn from him, is this;

'That life is to be lived, to be truly ourselves, to give our best in every moment on the path/purpose we choose to pursue'.

If we all choose to live in this way as Bruce Lee did, we can all hope to leave an equally lasting legacy in our own unique way.

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Moving beyond your comfort zone

move beyond your comfort zone

Do you dare to dream..? Moving beyond your comfort zone is a prerequisite to achieving anything beyond where we currently are. It is about growing and becoming in to that person you really want to be in order to reach your full potential. This is never about rejecting or not being happy with who or where you are,  but it is about loving yourself enough to know that your capabilities and potential exist far beyond where you currently are.

We are always able to achieve more yet so many of us do not fulfil our full potential or even reach for it either out of fear, or lack of belief and action. However by taking small steps to stretch ourselves consistently we can move beyond our comfort zone and begin to achieve what we may have previously thought impossible.

I like to relate the process we go through when training in the gym with the process of moving beyond our comfort zone, it is essentially the same process, which goes something like this;

 1.) Starting point - Comfort zone= (Boredom)

2.) Begin to push beyond/ stretch yourself =(discomfort)

3.) Then move to  - Growth zone = (Pleasure)

The 2nd two steps are often seen as the same but I see it as one leads to the other, as in the example of gym training.  It begins when we start going to the gym (we have a new goal), so we need to push beyond our comfort zone and start taking new actions. When we do this we naturally begin to experience some growing pains or discomfort because it is out of our normal range. This is the point where we need to see this instead as part of the pleasure of moving forward. We then experience the pleasure of doing so.

As in the gym any growth requires us to move beyond what we are currently used to and every time we do and begin to stretch ourselves we not only become closer to our goal but also gain the pleasure from growing and becoming more.  When stepping out of our comfort zone to grow and become although it takes more effort it is also highly rewarding and worth all the effort.

Please check out this great video below on the magic of moving beyond your comfort zone and if your ready to step beyond your comfort zone send me a message below to arrange your free goal setting session today.

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Personal Goal Setting

Personal goal setting is something very important for all of us that can help to keep us focused and moving forward in your lives. The trouble is many of us don't know how to set goals well, or maybe even why to set goals and so avoid it completely, then missing out on all the benefits that are obtained from doing so consistently.

By setting goals regularly  that are set well, you can find yourself becoming more motivated and driven to achieve, purely from the act of good goal setting. 

Setting goals may be something your not sure how to do, so to get you started I've shared below some of Mind Tools advice in doing so. Please check it out and if you don't set goals already, get started forming this great habit. You'll soon find your motivation boosted and be advancing your life towards your goals and dreams.

Personal Goal Setting - Mind Tools

Setting goals gives your life direction, and boosts your motivation and self-confidence. Learn how to set SMART goals and achieve your dreams.

Read more ...

To book your free goal setting session here all you need to do is send me a message via the form below,

Wishing you the best in Health and Happiness,


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Empowering Belief Systems

empowering belief systems

We all have goals or things we would like to achieve in life but the question is do we really believe them to be possible, and if not why not?  What if we knew that no matter what we want to achieve that it is possible and without doubt we  can make it happen? What if you could choose empowering belief systems that support every goal or decision you ever make?

When you choose or create empowering beliefs to support your goals, the certainty created within you allows for the journey to become much easier as you seek out opportunities and all that supports your new empowering beliefs. As Buddha Stated;

'It is with our thoughts that we create our world'

Ultimately this transmits in to our belief system. Without a belief that supports the achievement of your goal(s) the journey can appear far more difficult or you may not even attempt it at all if your beliefs are very self-defeating.

The great thing is we don't have to accept the belief systems we have had up until now. We can choose our belief systems, so that they do become ones that support our goals and dreams.

empowering belief systems

How can you know what your current belief system is?

To discover your current belief system in any area just takes a little bit of self reflection,  you can do this by looking at any area in your life and the results you currently have.  In addition to this the actions that you are taking, you can then begin to determine your belief system around it. You may already be very aware of the belief system you have in certain areas but perhaps not know how to change it or have thought it possible to do so.

Changing your current belief system

Changing your current belief system can sometimes be as simple as making the decision to change it, once you have become conscious of your self-defeating belief you are in  a good position to do so. When you make this choice  as long as you back it up with consistent action to create evidence for your new belief, then you will successfully change it, choosing empowering belief systems can really be this simple. If however your past limiting belief system goes a little deeper and has more background attached to it, it can be a little more complex to change. This is where having a coach or facilitator can really make a difference.

There are specific techniques within the field of coaching that facilitate this process so that you become so aligned with your new belief that the effects come almost immediately. When I first discovered this it was a real life changer for me, I had always known the power of belief but knowing that it is literally possible to achieve anything and that you can align yourself to support this in every way opens up a whole new world for you.

There is no reason why any of us should choose to accept limiting beliefs or limiting lives for ourselves and once we realise we have been doing this, for our own happiness it is then our choice and responsibility to change it. The only thing that can stop us is ourselves.

To find out more about how you can transform self-defeating belief patterns in to empowering ones please send me a message below where you can arrange a free initial coaching session.

Thank you for reading today, please share too if you enjoyed.

Wishing you all the best  in Health  and Happiness,


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