Chronic stress and its effect on your health

 In todays fast paced world where so much emphasis is placed on achieving and getting things done that one of the most important things can often suffer, that of our health. By meeting constant demands and ignoring any signs of stress, stress can then become chronic and cause many further problems and at times other long term condition

Experiencing stress and the effects of it is really not worth it and it's always far easier to prevent than cure the effects of long term stress. Some of the most common symptoms of chronic stress to be aware of are;

  • Not sleeping well/ insomnia
  • Hyper arousal/ anxiety
  • A state of apathy (feeling very low in motivation)
  • Bodily aches and pains
  • Persistent worrying
  • Over eating/ loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Lowered immune system (persistent colds and flu)
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Poor concentration and short term memory
  • And more

When these signs are ignored and symptoms of stress are not managed then there is the potential for chronic stress to lead to something more long term such as heart problems, depression and other conditions.

However the good news is that  the effects of long term stress can be managed and overcome once new healthy habits take over. By introducing regular exercise, relaxation and mediation and changing  habits of thought you can dramatically reduce any effects of stress and it recurring. With our health programmes we provide you with all this and more as well as the support you need to both manage and overcome stress and its effect on your life and finding inner peace is very possible.

peace of mind
Overcome stress and find your inner peace

If you do feel that long term stress is something you may be suffering from then simply don't allow it to take over your life any longer. Book in for your free 30 minute Skype coaching session and discover just how much you can transform your health within only 6 weeks.

If you then decide to take a 6 or 12 week plan you will also receive a 20% discount, however this offer is limited to this week only in support of National Stress Awareness day, please contact as soon as you can to receive your discount and find your inner peace.

To contact me and get started on transforming your health today, please send your details below and I'll get right back to you.

Your health is your real wealth, don't allow it to suffer.

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The Art of Being Present

Can you think  of a time where you felt really present, completely there in the moment? To me this is the ultimate state, the art of being present, the state of being  in complete flow. When we are in states such as this, everything we do flows much  easier as we express ourselves freely without limitation. As Ekhart Tolle states;

"When you lose touch with your inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world."

By allowing ourselves to be in the state of presence more often we can become healthier and happier with ease. When we are truly present, all tension is let go of and fear and worry do not exist.

The next time you do find yourself becoming fearful or stressed; try simply bringing yourself back to now, feel the presence of your body, focus on what you can see and hear. Find yourself absorbing everything and simply noticing what is here and now. By doing so you will quickly regain your focus and clarity of mind, this simple exercise allows you to really be here and now completely  and the longer we can maintain this state the better for our overall health and wellbeing.

You may have some activities in your life that have this effect consistently on you already, I personally find that exercise is great for this. Try if you can to have more of these activities within your day and week and see the benefits you will gain from doing so.

To find out more about coaching and techniques in mindfulness and other health and wellness practices , you can contact me via the form below where I can get back to you with some further information.

Thank you, Miranda.

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Taking time for yourself

taking time for you

How often do you really take time out for you..? Taking time for yourself is something so important for your overall health and wellbeing, but also something so many of us forget or don't find the time for as we get older and have more responsibilities in our lives.

Taking time for ourselves can be something as simple as taking 20 minutes a day to read or meditate or whatever you really like to do. Everyone's circumstances are different  and if you can take more time out that is better, but whatever your circumstances are for your own health and happiness try to take  at least 20 minutes a day if you can. If we take regular time out then we can become more fulfilled  and subsequently more able to give to others. Compassion always works both ways, to truly be there for others, we have to also be there for ourselves.

Some other ways we can benefit from taking regular me  time are;

  • Having more energy
  • More calm and focus
  • Feeling happier in ourselves
  • Getting to know yourself better
  • Increased self worth and self-esteem

Without taking this important time for ourselves we can quickly become burnt out or dissatisfied in life. Taking more time for you will benefit both yourself and others,it will allow you to be at the best you can be and of course you are very worth it.

If having regular me time is not something you already do and you find that life is becoming overwhelming for you, then try taking some scheduled time out each day and see how much better you can begin to feel.

For more info on the importance of taking time for you please check out Dr Roz's video below.

If you have found this post helpful in anyway or know someone it may benefit then please share too, thank you. Sharing is caring <3

5 Ways to Finding Balance in Life

Finding Balance in Life

Finding balance in life can at times feel like we're on the balancing scales.Where we are having to re-adjust whenever something new is added to our lives, or simply when our lives change in some way.

In a time where we can also feel pressured by demands in different areas  of  our lives, how can it be possible to find balance so that we can achieve all we want to, whilst also being at our best?

This is something many of us as busy people can find a challenge, so today I just wanted to share some reflections with you on what I have found to be most helpful to becoming centred again.

Here  5 ways I have found most useful in doing so;

  1. Self-reflection - keeping a journal for all thoughts and goals can be really useful, really it's about us being able to find internal order and writing/ planning in this way really helps us to do this
  2. Taking time for you - When we're not nurturing ourselves we can become lost in everything else we have to do and eventually wear ourselves out.  time Make time for you, for doing the things you personally enjoy,  where you don't have to think of anything else.
  3. Advanced Planning - if we have large projects or goals, these can become overwhelming and so planning well ahead and chunking down by breaking them down in to smaller goals can really make it seem less overwhelming. Overall life balance can be incorporated in to this by using coaching methods as well.
  4. Meditation/ Relaxation - When we find internal balance our whole lives begin to feel more balanced overall. Everything always begins within, so this is a really great place to start. However long we can manage, even if only 5-10 minutes a day it really can make a powerful difference to our lives in finding more overall calm and balance.
  5. Regular Exercise - As with meditation and relaxation, regular exercise helps us to feel more internally balanced. It is also a time for us and where we can let go of any tension we may be holding on to.

Because our lives are always changing and adapting I do believe that finding balance is something where we have to adapt accordingly. Our lives are like waves in the sense that we are always changing and adapting, but if we can always begin by finding internal order and balance, then any life changes and busy schedules can be far easier to manage.

Please also share some of your own ideas and experiences here, it would be great to hear from you. If you would also like to arrange a coaching session to discover how much you can begin to improve your overall health and wellbeing then please contact me via the form below. Thank you,


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Anything is Possible

Being just over half way in the 30 day blogging challenge now, I wanted to share something with you that happened last  time I took on this challenge back in April this year. Very unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, in the early stages of my last blogging challenge broke my right wrist :-/ . As you can imagine this made it quiet difficult for me to continue with the blogging challenge Instead it gave me a different challenge, one with my wrist, a challenge to prove that anything is possible.

I decided to use the experience of breaking my wrist positively as proof in how the power of positive thinking, as well as other methods can improve recovery time. I then tracked this in a few videos that I've added below. This kind of experience however was not new for me as is something I've had experience in professionally and personally on different levels. So this although a bit frustrating at the times, in my mind it was fairly easy to overcome. This is because the power of our thinking, our decisions always comes first

This is one important thing I coach on, that everything starts in our mind. You must believe something is possible and decide to make it happen and then you can. When you have enough conviction in something and the right methods,  truly anything is possible.

The common time for recovery of a broken wrist is 6-8 weeks, I managed to get the cast off in 5! Even the doctors and other hospital staff couldn't believe it. Not only this but initially it was  thought I would have to have surgery to re-adjust the bone, where I would have had to have metal of some sort holding it in place. After the first two weeks of X-rays, they also decided this would not be necessary.

For me this was a huge victory and also a relief as I didn't really want surgery and especially not any metal pins, if I could avoid it. Fortunately I managed to achieve all I set out to do and now my wrist is well recovered and back to normal again. More than anything though this particular challenge gave me the opportunity to prove what I already knew to be possible and true, and the knowledge enough to track the progress in advance.

The videos are now available for anyone to view as proof of what is possible with the power of positivity and belief. So anyone who is  or finds their self in this or any similar situation can also prove the same. We never have to allow unforeseen circumstances to get us down. There is always a way you can turn anything around and find the positive within it to use it to your advantage. Just believe you can.

Please check out some of the videos  below of my wrist recovery journey, the last one of my cast being sawn off  is of some amusing quality, complete with my elative joyous grin :) Please also share this post if you find it inspirational in any way and that also may be of help to someone you know. Thank you for reading today.

Wishing you the best in Health and Happiness,


"Anything is possible as long as you believe it to be."

The Health Benefits of Gratitude

gratitude focus

Gratitude is so important to us for our health and happiness, it has the power to change everything, our whole lives even.

Here's why;

  • Being grateful shifts out focus entirely from focusing on what we want and don't have to what we have and are deeply grateful for.
  • The more we practice gratitude the more we notice we have to be grateful for and develop joyful feelings of appreciation.
  • By realising how much we have, we can become more giving and open to others.
  • Gratitude brings us back to the now, it allows us to focus on what we have here and now rather than what we wish to have.
  • Being grateful makes us feel good and when practiced regularly helps to benefit our overall emotional health.

If practicing gratitude isn't something you currently do actively then I would highly recommend giving it a try to see how much it can improve your life and daily outlook. You can start by just setting up a simple practice to spend a few minutes everyday to focus on all you are grateful for.

If you can, keep a gratitude journal too where you can write down everyday all you are really grateful for. Really get in to the state of gratitude whilst doing it. By doing this you'll then have a journal of your best feel - good moments that you can go over in any time you may need a lift. Just doing this simple practice everyday can make a big difference.

If you can commit to doing this for 30 days you will notice a real shift in your mind-state. You will begin to feel more positive overall just from this one simple exercise that only takes a few minutes every day, a few minutes well worth committing to.

After doing this for 30 days you will have then built a daily habit and if you do experience great benefits from it, why not make it a more permanent  one. By becoming more grateful in our daily lives we can become more present, doing so  can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety significantly.

To discover more about the benefits of gratitude and other daily practices you can  include to improve your overall health and wellbeing, please get in touch below  to arrange a free initial coaching session. Thank you.

'The more we focus on all we have to be grateful for, the more we will have to be grateful for.  What we focus on expands, change your focus, change your life.'

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5 Steps to Overcoming Setbacks

Overcoming setbacks
'Every obstacle is there to help us grow , to be turned in to ally that will help us achieve our goal.'

Overcoming setbacks can be an integral part of the journey towards achieving any goal in life. Although we may not want to expect these, to not know what to do when were hit by one can make it all the more challenging.

By using certain techniques and skills you can instead align yourself with your highest potential for overcoming setbacks and then using them to your advantage. The following 5 steps are what I personally recommend as most useful in overcoming any setback.

5 steps for overcoming setbacks;

  1. Have a belief that you will overcome it - Sometimes a setback can feel like defeat but ultimately it comes down to what we choose to perceive and believe. We can either choose to see it as defeat or we can choose to see it as feedback in the form of how we can improve and what we need to focus on. By changing our focus in this way we then empower ourselves with a different belief, knowing that we can not only overcome this setback but use it as an experience to grow from.
  2. Have a strong enough reason why - With a strong enough reason why, we will always find the passion and motivation to overcome any setback no matter how challenging it may be. Find your reason why and you will always find the way how.
  3. Form a new plan for your success - When we've learnt what doesn't work we can adapt our plan towards achieving our goal and include what we may have missed out before. For example, years ago after I had dislocated my knee in training I realised that I could prevent this happening again and further improve my training by including new leg exercises and not as much stretching. By realising this and including it in my plan I improved my chances of achieving my overall goal and had better all round health and fitness.
  4. Build Momentum - Often when we have a setback towards any goal we can become frustrated or lose our focus, however this can easily be built back up. Once you have your plan, your reason why and the belief that you can do it, it's literally just a case of rebuilding your momentum just with a slightly different focus. Once you are taking consistent action towards your goal you will soon find yourself back on track and fully motivated again.
  5. Have a good support system -Surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us and are supportive is essential when were working towards any important goal(s). If you find that you have people that are pulling you down this will make it a lot more challenging to achieve success, so always seek to find people who support you. Having a coach/mentor is also invaluable here as they will always be there to pull you up in any tough moments, to guide you, encourage you and celebrate with you too.

The most important thing to remember in any setback is that it is only temporary. Everything changes and adapts and as long as were willing to learn and grow in accordance with any setback whilst staying focused on our goal, then we are sure to achieve it. From there any setback will no longer be a setback but a valuable learning experience that you are glad you had.

"Strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender that is strength." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

If you would like support and guidance through coaching  in overcoming any setback and achieving you goals then please send me a message below, where we can discuss you journey to success. Thank you for reading today,

Wishing you the best in health and happiness,


Kindness for Self and Others

Kindness Buddha

We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. ~ Buddha

With today being World Kindness Day I wanted to discuss how important I believe this to be, for ourselves, others and the world as a whole.

It can be easy to underestimate the effect we can have through our kind acts, prayers or other efforts, however I believe they always do have a positive effect even if we do not see it straight away. We only have to see the smile on someone's face or know the effects someone's kindness has had on us to realise this.

Kindness is one of those things that as well as benefiting another also benefits ourselves. By stepping out of our own minds and extending our hearts it can help to make us feel more happy and connected to others as a whole.

If were feeling low or overwhelmed in life it can be easy to recluse and not want to step out and help others. However by extending kindness even if we do feel low ourselves it can actually have a very therapeutic affect in lifting our mood as well as helping the other person/ people.

By taking different actions it will change our thought process and then our feelings and further behaviour, this then forms a new pattern for a more positive outlook in life. It really is that powerful and that's before considering the ripple effect of the kind acts that will continue from our own to others and beyond.

I set you a challenge from today if you would like one :), to see how powerful kindness can really be by committing to at least 3 kind acts per day. These don't have to be big things, just extending your hand and heart in anyway you can. Some ideas could be;

  • Helping an elderly neighbour with shopping
  • Saying hello and smiling at people on the street
  • Helping the homeless
  • Call someone you haven't spoke to in a while

And not forgetting kindness towards yourself;

  • Taking time for yourself to relax
  • Looking after your health
  • Doing something you love to do

(These also everyday)

See how different you will feel after a week of doing so, I promise if this is something new for you it will make  big difference to how you feel in both your health and happiness levels.

Kindness really is a mutually beneficial act and it often starts with us being kind to ourselves, in doing so we are also more able to help others and the ripples of kindness increase and continue. Please  leave any comments below on your own experiences of extending and receiving kindness and how these have made a difference to you and your health as well as others.

Happy World Kindness Day <3

Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

5 ways to finding Calm and Focus


How to find calm and focus, especially for during stressful times.

Do you find yourself losing calm and focus and not being able to get it back again so easily? I know I can, especially during times of lots of change, even with all the techniques I know, without putting them in place and using them regularly, I can easily lose my focus and find myself heading in to a stress spiral.

With the Christmas period fast approaching us, I wanted to share with you 5 ways you can quickly pull yourself out of any stressful spiral and bring back your calm and focus. When these are maintained with consistency you can then maintain  calm and focus as a primary state.

It is about daily practice and so occasionally when we are confronted with lots of changes to lose our focus is to be expected, however if we can quickly  employ methods that work most well for us individually then we can regain our calm and focus easily again. Here are my top 5;

5 ways to finding calm and focus

  1. Deep diaphragmatic breathing - When we find ourselves in demanding or stressful situations our breathing can become stressed, this is where we are tense and breathing shallowly from the chest. In fact many of us can be breathing  this way almost continuously without realising it.  The correct way to breath for calm and focus is from the diaphragm, just as you see a baby do. By breathing in this way we are naturally more calm and focused. The following video offers a great demonstration in how to do this.

2. Finding Flow - Essentially by this I mean using a method of  artistic flow to express where your currently at. This will help to release the current tension you have and bring you back to a more centred space where you can feel relaxed and focused again. To understand more about how you can do this please read my post on Finding Flow , which gives you a more detailed explanation.

3. Acceptance - Just letting go and accepting where we are at can be immensely powerful. A lot of stress comes through resisting something and when we just accept it and surrender to the moment we will find ourselves in a state of peace. This is a very simple practice but one of the most important and powerful that you can do.

4. Exercise - Exercising works by taking us out of our minds, we almost instantly become more centred when we are physically active. Whilst exercising you will also release endorphins which are the body's natural feel good hormone and by being more body- centred your thought processes will become clearer where you can find yourself coming up with solutions that you could not see before.

5. Meditation/ Relaxation - Meditation and relaxation can be achieved by taking yourself in to a quiet space and simply allowing yourself to single-mindedly focus on one task that you find relaxing or absorbing. You can also use a specific method of meditation or relaxation that you find suitable, around 15-20 minutes is the optimal amount of time for you to regain your calm and focus again.

The above tips are what I find helpful and recommend most often. The important thing is to find which work best for you, realising that we don't have to become overwhelmed by stress and that regaining our focus can be easily achieved. By making these practices more consistent we significantly reduce the chance of stress taking over in our lives.

I hope you have found the above tips useful, please  feel free to also share in the comments below  some of your own experiences, it would be great to hear from you about what you have found most helpful or challenging.

To discover further how you can regain and maintain a calm and focused state of mind with coaching, please drop me a message to discuss coaching options for your ultimate health and wellbeing.

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It’s not all black and white

black and white thinking
How do you see the world?

In support of World Mental Health Day I wanted to discuss a topic that I feel is important within the discussions of mental health, both in how it is viewed and at the same time how we all may view the world as individuals.

This is the topic of' black and white thinking', it is thought that this way of thinking can often be a cause and/or result of depression, however I believe it to be something that many of us do to a degree and how mental health can be viewed is also an example of this.

'Black and white thinking' is thinking in terms of 'all or nothing' and more often it seems we are encouraged to think in these terms of something being all good or bad, or black or white, such as in being a success or failure. Yet it doesn't have to be  this way at all and when we do see beyond this we realise that it is not so cut and dry and that the world of grey in between is actually in really beautiful colour, in all its completeness as it is and as you are just as you are.

We are all different and have an array of outlooks, interests and  beliefs. We do not need to judge each other, our mission I see as being only in acceptance and love, emotions are a part of this, labelling is not. In terms of our health, thinking in a very black and white way can not only make us more prone to depression but also the need to seek a perfection that is based on external pressures, in order to just feel good about ourselves or our life.

If you find that your struggling with this way of thinking,  choose to let go and begin to see all the colour instead. The colour comes in accepting, loving and seeing ourselves, others and the world as a whole.  As the oneness and beauty that you are, just as all of nature is.

You will never see any other form of nature resisting or suffering in this way, it flows and adapts and when we too choose to be and see ourselves as whole and complete, we won't need to attain some form of perfection and we then also begin to flow in this way.

Love yourself enough to know that you are enough, that we all make mistakes, that no- one is perfect. Yet paradoxically in your wholeness and uniqueness you are perfect, just as each plant and tree has its own beauty so do you and each and every other person.

If you feel inspired by this blog post in some way and would like to book a free introductory coaching session to discover more about how you can change your outlook and life ahead, then please get in touch with me and we can arrange your session.

Until then,

Wishing you much health and happiness,