5 ways to finding Calm and Focus


How to find calm and focus, especially for during stressful times.

Do you find yourself losing calm and focus and not being able to get it back again so easily? I know I can, especially during times of lots of change, even with all the techniques I know, without putting them in place and using them regularly, I can easily lose my focus and find myself heading in to a stress spiral.

With the Christmas period fast approaching us, I wanted to share with you 5 ways you can quickly pull yourself out of any stressful spiral and bring back your calm and focus. When these are maintained with consistency you can then maintain  calm and focus as a primary state.

It is about daily practice and so occasionally when we are confronted with lots of changes to lose our focus is to be expected, however if we can quickly  employ methods that work most well for us individually then we can regain our calm and focus easily again. Here are my top 5;

5 ways to finding calm and focus

  1. Deep diaphragmatic breathing - When we find ourselves in demanding or stressful situations our breathing can become stressed, this is where we are tense and breathing shallowly from the chest. In fact many of us can be breathing  this way almost continuously without realising it.  The correct way to breath for calm and focus is from the diaphragm, just as you see a baby do. By breathing in this way we are naturally more calm and focused. The following video offers a great demonstration in how to do this.

2. Finding Flow - Essentially by this I mean using a method of  artistic flow to express where your currently at. This will help to release the current tension you have and bring you back to a more centred space where you can feel relaxed and focused again. To understand more about how you can do this please read my post on Finding Flow , which gives you a more detailed explanation.

3. Acceptance - Just letting go and accepting where we are at can be immensely powerful. A lot of stress comes through resisting something and when we just accept it and surrender to the moment we will find ourselves in a state of peace. This is a very simple practice but one of the most important and powerful that you can do.

4. Exercise - Exercising works by taking us out of our minds, we almost instantly become more centred when we are physically active. Whilst exercising you will also release endorphins which are the body's natural feel good hormone and by being more body- centred your thought processes will become clearer where you can find yourself coming up with solutions that you could not see before.

5. Meditation/ Relaxation - Meditation and relaxation can be achieved by taking yourself in to a quiet space and simply allowing yourself to single-mindedly focus on one task that you find relaxing or absorbing. You can also use a specific method of meditation or relaxation that you find suitable, around 15-20 minutes is the optimal amount of time for you to regain your calm and focus again.

The above tips are what I find helpful and recommend most often. The important thing is to find which work best for you, realising that we don't have to become overwhelmed by stress and that regaining our focus can be easily achieved. By making these practices more consistent we significantly reduce the chance of stress taking over in our lives.

I hope you have found the above tips useful, please  feel free to also share in the comments below  some of your own experiences, it would be great to hear from you about what you have found most helpful or challenging.

To discover further how you can regain and maintain a calm and focused state of mind with coaching, please drop me a message to discuss coaching options for your ultimate health and wellbeing.

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