Confident Kids

Helping your child to improve their confidence
Helping your child to improve their confidence

Confidence is a much talked about topic, everybody wants it and are often judged on whether we are perceived to have it or not. Right or wrong, this is how the world of school and work can be, so something we all want for our kids is confidence. For this reason to help you and your child we have put together a Confident Kids workshop for this summer.

If you see that your child may benefit from feeling more comfortable with him/herself in social situations or better able to freely express themselves in a way that's right for them, then this course could be perfect for your child.

As the course is run over the last two weeks of August time is now limited for you to secure a place. So for more information or to book please contact us ASAP.The course will be held on select days over the two weeks and is priced at £30 for the day or £120 for the whole week. All days will follow a certain theme and be held in London. (for further info please enquire.)

The themes for the workshop are;
1- Confidence in Sports
2- Growing in confidence
3- Modelling Confidence
4- Creative expression
5- Being yourself
If you would like further information or you think your child may enjoy and benefit from these days then please get in touch at so we can get your child booked in for this amazing and transformational workshop.
Thank you

Why meditate

Meditation has become well known for it's health benefits, but you may ask what exactly are these reasons and why dedicate regular time to doing it;

Here are my 5 top reasons to meditate;

1.) A clearer mind - As meditation helps to focus the mind all unnecessary thoughts or worries melt away in the process.

2.) More natural energy - As you clear your mind energy levels naturally improve, worrying or overthinking only wastes our valuable energy.

3.) Improved concentration - Now you are free to focus on that which you wish too rather than unnecessary and unhelpful thought patterns.

4.) Improved overall health and wellbeing - Stress is often caused by unhelpful thought patterns and so with a clearer and more peaceful mind our overall health and wellbeing naturally benefits as the mind and body processes are interlinked.

5.) All Important - Happiness :) - With a clearer and more focused mind you will naturally become happier as you will now be choosing to focus on what you want rather than being run by habitual and unhelpful thought patterns.

These benefits can be received after your very first session and maintained as you continue the practice of meditating. To get you started we have a special event coming up this weekend at the Brighton Pride Festival, If you would like to be there and receive all these benefits of meditation as well as learn the skill to continue then please join us at our Rainbow meditation this weekend. All you have to do is click the link below for more info and to join us.

We hope to see you there..

Brighton Rainbow Meditation

Confident Children

Is your child painfully shy?
Is your child painfully shy?

Is your child painfully shy? Do you wish for them to be more confident or worry about them because they are struggling with feeling different, low in confidence and fearful at school?

If this is your child then we're here to help you

Having been one of these children myself at school because of growing up with a disability I understand fully what its like and how painful it can be. Thankfully I have come out the other side knowing and finding my true inner freedom and confidence and I'm now able to help others in the same situation to overcome similar challenges.

Helping your child to improve their confidence
Helping your child to improve their confidence!

This summer myself and colleagues will be putting together a two week fun packed workshop in West London ready for your child to return to school bouncing with confidence!

No matter what the previous challenges may be we can guarantee that your child will come out on top with more confidence than ever before.

Included in the workshop will be;

  • Martial arts
  • Therapeutic activity sessions
  • Sports activities
  • Creative expression groups
  • Lots and lots of fun!!

The groups will be held for all children aged 7- 13 run  by fully qualified coaches, therapists and play-workers, we cater for children of all abilities and also specialise in helping children with either physical or learning difficulties. Your child will also receive both one to one and group support.

For more details on booking availability and venue please contact us via the form below

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10 Ways to overcome depression

health recovery

How can we overcome depression , a condition that is becoming increasingly more common within our society? As much as 1 in 5 people becoming depressed at some point in their lives.  Given this how can we manage better and overcome depression if it does happen to us or a loved one?

Being in this situation can often feel helpless and overcoming the associated inertia is part of the struggle to begin with but with the right help and support it can be done.

Having been there myself and helped others through it, today  I can share with you 10 ways to overcome depression, ways that are more holistic in nature and that will help you gain the control back within your life that is so often missing in times when depression strikes.

These are by no means the only ways but ways that within both my personal and professional experience I have found most effective.

  1. Be around others - When feeling depressed it is easy to hide away and want to be alone, however being with other people in these times is one of the best things we can do because it diverts our mind from those thought patterns that may be causing the depression.
  2. Do what you love to do -Think of something you love doing and make specific time to do it, this is then your time and doing what you love to do will allow you to completely let go of anything that is on your mind. When you're completely absorbed in an activity it can be very powerful and have an almost transformative effect on your emotional state.
  3. Exercise regularly - It's well known that exercising releases endorphins (the body's feel good hormones),  by exercising regularly you can make this a habitual pattern, so releasing feel good hormones now becomes a more primary state for you. This of course is just one of the many benefits.
  4. Get out in to nature -Being in nature can have a very purifying and relaxing effect on us, it puts us in to our natural state of relaxation and allows us to connect with our true selves.
  5. Be in a routine- Having a routine helps for our metabolism to function effectively which is an important part of maintaining a stable mood level. This fundamentally includes important components of daily living such as eating and sleeping routines.
  6. Drink plenty of water - Being dehydrated can have more devastating effects on the body than many of us are aware of. The simple act of drinking water more regularly can have powerful effects for your health in both mind and body which are both interlinked.
  7. Relaxation/Meditation - Take time out daily for yourself to do either a relaxation or meditation practice, doing this allows for you to experience the natural state of inner peace and clear your mind of any thoughts that may disturb this state of being.
  8. Focus on the positive - surround yourself with positive focus points and with things and people who lift you up, doing this over time changes your predominant focus to that of the positive, making this more important.
  9. Express yourself effectively -  Having said to focus on the positive, this is important however not to the detriment of being honest with yourself in a healthy way. When we bottle up feelings this can also cause depression so whatever you are feeling be with it honestly, then you are able to let it go and continue being true to who you are freely.
  10. Love and accept yourself - This actually the most important of all and fundamental to all the above.  If you were to do only one I would say do this because you of all people deserve your complete love and acceptance. No matter where your life's path has taken you so far this is your birth-right, never deny it to yourself. Love yourself completely.


I hope you have found the above useful and can apply it to your life if you are in need. I offer unique 1-1 coaching programmes also where required to take you feeling depressed to happy in 4-6 weeks, yes this is very possible. If this is of interest to you please contact me via the form below with your details  where I can get back to you with further  information.

Thank you,


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Why we plateau and how to overcome it

coaching support

Plateauing can be one of those dreaded frustrations that can when were heading towards an important goal. We've been making steady progress towards our goal of weight loss for example and then nothing, for a week or two we just stay where we are and don't progress at all. Anyone who has been here knows just how frustrating this can be, but why does it happen and what can we do to change it?  I've put together the following on this and I hope you find it useful, please also comment with any of your own experiences and feedback.

Why we plateau

  • Loss of focus - This can sometimes be out of boredom or just because we have too much else going on, this can then stop us from fully focusing on our workouts, which is vital.

To get 100 % out of our workouts we have to give 100 %

  • Not pushing  yourself in your workouts - Here we just have to be really honest with ourself - can you do more or are you staying in a comfort zone?
  • Not adapting - If you are doing the same workout on the same weights or levels for more than a few weeks then progress will stall. This  can often happen a lot quicker than this, dependent on your workout programme and how many times you workout in the week.
  • Not eating or sleeping properly - Both adequate nutrition and sleep are essential to your recovery process, without adequate recovery you cannot progress effectively.
  • Lastly you could have just reached your peak in this area,  in which case you can either adapt your goal or choose a completely different workout altogether in order to shock your body.

How to overcome a plateau

  • Refocus - A good way to do this is in using visualisation, visualise yourself achieving your goal and feeling great, get really passionate about it. When you do this your belief in achieving your goal and your focus will increase.
  • Use a workout and food diary - This will help you to actually track what you are doing each day and where you may be falling short and need to adjust.
  • Vary your workouts - I would always recommend doing this, not only does it assist your progress but it will make your workouts more fun.
  • Relaxation  - Including stretching in your training always to allow your muscles to relax and recover. In addition try to do something relaxing in the evening such as yoga or meditation, this will help you to sleep better as well.
  • Adaption = Progression - Lastly and most importantly always adapt. When we reach a peak in any area and the method is no longer working, we need to change it.

These principles apply not just with our health and fitness goals but in most if not all areas of life. If we apply these principles as soon as we realise we are stagnating we can quickly find ourselves on the road to progression again.

'To adapt is to progress'

For more advice on how you can overcome a plateau or to book in for a free coaching  consultation, you can contact me via the form below.

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