Exercise at Home

Is it possible to achieve your health and fitness goals whilst exercising in the comfort of your own home and if so how can you maintain the motivation to do so?

Lots of people think of home exercise as an option, as it can save both time and money - two valuable commodities that we all sometimes lack in. However exercising at home in spite of these benefits can sometimes be a struggle. Maybe you dont know what exercises you can do at home, so you find yourself following the same home exercise dvd whilst not making much progress, you may also struggle to remain motivated.

Well the good news is that it is very possible to exercise at home regularly and you dont even need a large amount of space or equipment. You can remain motivated and have effective and progressive home workouts with the right instruction. You can achieve your health goals whilst saving money. It can also be a very fun way to keep fit you can do it on your own or with a friend or partner. Mirala Health offers home exercise programmes designed to meet your needs including meal planners at just a very affordable price. This including email support to help keep you motivated.

You can also contact a health coach directly at Mirala.health@gmail.com to discuss all your personal health and fitness needs

Much of the home exercise plans you can do will not require any equipment because it will be based on bodyweight exercises which are very effective in helping you to achieve goals towards increasing fitness and muscle tone, in addition through increasing your muscle tone this will help you to burn off excess calories and body fat where you need to. All the best athletes use bodyweight training, it is simple, portable of course and very effective; Arnold schwanegger, Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali have all used this method.

The exercise programmes will be focused specifically on your health goals and needs as will the meal planner. Each one will be designed to progress over a four week period at which point it is recommended for you to update this way you will not plateau, as your body will naturally get used to the training at this point even if you are increasing your reps.

'To adapt is to progress'

Each programme will range from 30 - 60 mins and will be designed to fit around your lifestyle, I will go through the first session with you either in person or by video link to ensure you know how to perform all the exercises correctly and if you would like continual support and motivation this is also available.

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