Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is a specific coaching service to help you to achieve your health and wellness goals. This is done through offering specific support and guidance in identifying and prioritising your health goals and also by empowering you to overcome any previous barriers through providing you with all the tuition and guidance you need.

At Mirala Health we specialise in health recovery and improving motivation for health goals. Through recognising how debilitating difficulties can be we offer specific methods of NLP coaching techniques with holistic health programmes so that you can be at your best possible and have your healthiest and happiest  year yet.

Health and NLP Coaching will help you by;

  1. Offering specific health guidance and support for all aspects of your health and wellness plan.
  2. Working together with you on setting specific, achievable and exciting health goals.
  3. Guiding you to identify any barriers that may have stopped you from achieving your goals so far.
  4. Identifying your strengths and guiding you in how to use these to overcome any previous obstacles in achieving your goals.
  5. Teaching you NLP techniques so you can identify and maintain your most empowered state
  6. Guiding you in the best way to structure your daily time so that you can maximise the time you have available for your important health goals.
  7. Working together on breaking down your goals in to achievable and manageable chunks.
  8. Increasing your level of motivation with motivational coaching so that you can achieve your goals in the minimum possible time.
  9. Working together with you on increasing your positive outlook, through positive thinking, coaching and guidance in all areas for ultimate health and wellbeing.
  10. Supporting you with each and every step.
  11. Offering all the tuition and guidance you may need with exercise, diet, meditation, relaxation and positive thinking.

coaching support

So why have a Health Coach?

Each and everyone of us need to look after our health and to be most effective in our daily lives our health needs to be a priority. If you struggle or have struggled with specific health difficulties in the past, you will no doubt understand the importance of this, Health coaching with Mirala Health will provide you with all the necessary tools you need to achieve and maintain your most optimum state. Having a Health Coach helps you to reprioritise your health in your life and offers you all the support you need without having to miss out on other areas of your life.

With support and guidance for your health goals, all other areas of your life will also improve. You will be far more effective in all you do because you will feel much better, your energy levels will also be better and your concentration will improve, leading to an increase in your effectiveness in all other areas of your life. It is important to put your health first for this reason alone, our health coaching programmes help you achieve this guaranteed.

Give yourself the gift of better health, call us today to arrange your free initial health coaching session and begin to transform your life and health with Mirala Health.

Here to help you, 'turn your struggles in to strengths '


Begin your journey to better health today.