Positive Thinking for Life and Health

How can positive thinking help you?

The answer is in everyway possible, you can without doubt transform your life  by changing your way of thinking. At Mirala Health we operate on belief and knowledge that a healthy mind will equal a healthy body . Through focusing in a more positive way, your overall health will begin to benefit dramatically.

The difficult part is often recognising when we are in a negative thinking cycle in the first place but it is possible to train yourself to do this and then begin to respond more effectively and reinforce more positive thinking and subsequently a more positive and healthy way of life.

Firstly its helpful to recognise the effects of negative thinking.

Negative thinking can cause or contribute to;

  • Stress
  • Self- doubt
  • Worry
  • Half- hearted attempts
  • Poor self- confidence
  • Ill health
  • Pain
  • Relationship problems
  • And More..

One thing positive thinking is not about is being perfect, that as we know is not possible and does not really exist. However it is certain that positive thinking will make your life a whole lot better and easier.

Our thoughts affect a lot in our life, some would say everything.  As our thoughts affect how we feel and then the actions we take. They also affect how we choose to view others and the world around us, all of this in turn will affect the outcome of our lives.

The list above of the effects of negative thinking can act as indicators of when we are thinking in this way and they can be signs that we are thinking negatively often in repetition and also in reaction to events or circumstances. One thing is for certain thinking negatively will not serve you to improve any outcome in anyway.  As Zig Ziglar stated;

'Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.'

Nothing could be more true, negative thinking can become a like a spiral that can lead us in to the depths of despair if we do not become aware of it in time. The best defence against it then is to ensure you stay in charge of your mind and feed it with as much positive thinking as you possibly can, then once you begin doing this you can be sure that both your life and health will begin to improve

What you focus on you will get more of, because it then becomes constantly in your awareness. For example if you suffer with any form of chronic pain and you focus on this continually, the pain will feel much worse than if you choose to take your mind off it and focus on something positive. In addition to this feel good hormones (endorphins) are natural painkillers.

Another major advantage is the results you can achieve in your goals through positive thinking, at the very simple level if a part of you is telling you that you cant achieve what you have set for yourself then the outcome is likely to be poor because the efforts you make will be in line with what you are thinking. This as well as to counteract all the problems associated with negative thinking is the reason positive thinking methods from coaching is used in all of our health programmes. The results you will achieve whilst using positive thinking in line with a healthy lifestyle will far outreach the results you will achieve if you don't.

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Your best in health and happiness, Miranda.

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