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" Thank you Miranda for all your help and support in getting my fitness back, when it comes to personal training and motivation you have all professional techniques to win the mind and get the best from any individual
You are not only a strong element of inspiration but your sense of discipline, punctuality and encouragement makes you one of the best in line of fitness and mind building.
I recommend anyone needing motivation , inspiration and support at getting fit and healthy living to lay their entire trust in you.
They should book a few sessions without hesitation to experience a complete transformation for the best."

- Sunil Gopal, West London

"I have completed my first session with Miranda. Her positivity and focused approach has inspired me enormously. Miranda is centred and self aware. She guides you and helps you find your inner strength and vision.Her teaching methodologies reflect her substantial experience across many life enhancing teaching fields. I aspire to adopt the philosophies that Miranda has begun to impart. Many thanks to a superb teacher and guide."

- Elaine Colbon, Ruislip, London.

"After working with Miranda I feel inspired and so much more knowledgeable in knowing im taking all the right actions to improving my health. Best of all is I'm just enjoying the process, feeling happy and energised. I feel like anything is possible. Thank you Miranda."

-Sayyid Hamdani, Tower Hamlets, London

"Mirala Health has helped me to overcome my confidence and anxiety issues;  to see my life with different perspective where I now have the control to change in a positive way my overall health and wellbeing. I can't thank Mirala Health enough for assisting me to reach my goals and providing me with techniques and guidance that I am able to use throughout my everyday life."

- Julia Jucaite, West London

" I asked Miranda to help me overcome my phobia of heights, because it was preventing me from doing certain things that I wanted to do. Miranda used a session NLP, which helped me to see how out of proportion my fearful reaction to heights was. However, it wasn’t quite enough to overcome the fear entirely and I was still unable to cross a pedestrian footbridge over a road (which is the particular problem I wanted to overcome). Miranda then suggested that I use relaxation techniques for a few days, and then went with me to the bridge and helped me to walk across it - not once, but twice! This is something I’ve been unable to do for many years. I now intend to build on this achievement and hope to reach the point where I feel no fear at all when in a similar situation.

Miranda has been very helpful and understanding with dealing with my fear and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs help with a similar problem. "

- Kathy Vivian, Uxbridge, West London 

"Miranda has a great way with people and makes you feel at ease whatever your ailment or difficulty may be. I've been better able to focus and feeling healthier and more at peace in myself since our sessions. I would highly recommend Miranda to anyone experiencing health/life challenges in order to overcome them."

- Ian Stone, Uxbridge, West London


If you feel inspired by any of the above testimonials and would like to see similar changes in your life then please contact me for a free no obligation conversation at Mirala.health@gmail.com , I look forward to hearing from you.